Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 15 Review: Destiny

Destiny ran its course on Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 15.

Or did it? With the Time Masters teaming up with Savage to protect time, they revealed their secret weapon to Rip, which was ultimately their downfall: the Oculus.

The Oculus gave the Time Masters their power to foresee, manipulate, and alter time to their will, which is exactly what they did with Rip, Sara, and the rest of the legends. Meaning there is no destiny.

The team did what the Time Masters wanted them to do: their actions provoked events in history that led them to being trapped at the Vanishing Point. Essentially, the Oculus took away free will. Everywhere except at the Vanishing Point, which doesn’t exist inside time and space.

Do the writers even know what they’re writing at this point?

This time travel nonsense is starting to hurt my brain and the rules have changed so many times. How can free will be eliminated, but people still have choices to make? These choices are already made for them, the illusion of having a choice is the only thing that’s left?

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Whatever. All that matters is that the team did the one thing the Time Masters didn’t want them to do; the team set out to destroy the Oculus. A suicide mission, but they hadn’t counted on Jax returning to help them destroy the Vanishing Point.

Oh, Jax, the breathing proof that this mission has changed these characters forever. His rendezvous with past-Dr. Stein ended with him forgiving the man for drugging him to drag him along on the mission. It changed him, and he’s forgiven Stein.

But where did we go wrong? This episode ended as Leonard Snart’s swan song. (Wentworth Miller confirmed he won’t be a regular on Legends of Tomorrow come Season 2.)

He will be missed, though I’m not a big fan of Miller’s acting (at least on this show). Snart seemed more of a chore for him to play toward the end, his speech and demeanor just seemed kind of bland. His voice always sounded off, and the kiss with Sara couldn’t have been more forced.

Captain Canary was something that could’ve been interesting, a couple that could’ve been explored, but it just ended on such a dull note that it won’t be missed.

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On the other hand, Captain Canary could be an interesting leader in Season 2. And by that I mean Sara captaining the Waverider, running her own mission through time.

Hopefully Rip won’t be sticking around for Season 2 because his character is selfish and unbearable. His constant need to assert his leadership makes him seem weak, along with his constant checking of the timeline. Understandably, he wants to save his family, but it’s selfish of him to worry more about them than protect the band of misfits that he collected to help him stop this evil.

Next week, the season finale, the legends will search for Carter and Kendra who have been kidnapped by Vandal Savage, and they’re ready to put an end to this man and this mission once and for all.

Will they succeed? Will they survive? Will destiny be put back on track?

Tune in for the Legends of Tomorrow season finale Thursday at 8/7c on The CW.

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