Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 14 Review: River of Time

On Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 14, “River of Time,” our legends find themselves doubting their captain, who only seems to care about saving his family. With Vandal Savage on board, things have never been more dangerous and his presence starts to pit the team against each other.

On their field trip to the Vanishing Point, home of all Time Masters, the team starts to doubt that Rip Hunter cares about anyone on this mission, anyone other than his family. After they removed Savage from time, his repeated checking of the timeline to see whether they survived was suspicious, especially to Sara.

Sara: I’d tell you to go to hell, but you’d probably just feel at home there.

Whenever Sara takes on a lead role, the team changes drastically. She’s a natural leader, probably enhanced by her time in the League of Assassins, and she always thinks of different strategies depending on how the situation could play out.

Whereas Rip is emotional, arrogant, and distracted, being the main cause of the team’s lack of safety. It’s a wonder they’re alive after his leadership. He pushed the Waverider too far, and then asked Jax to fix it, because they were the only two who knew how.

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When things went wrong, Jax was terminally ill with radiation, and even Rip doesn’t know if he asked Jax to do it because it was clearly a suicide mission.

Could seeing Sara captaining the Waverider possibly be foreshadowing for Season 2? She would create an excellent crew, though her struggle as Captain would definitely be to not go back in time and save Laurel.

Vandal Savage is too smart for them: he’s brainwashed Carter, manipulated Ray’s emotions by claiming they’re the same (they both love a woman who is destined to be with Prince Kufu, and managed to escape without even exerting himself.

He almost escaped, too, only taken out when Carter regained his memories, because you can’t keep soulmates apart forever.

But Savage is a much larger threat than they’d originally thought.

After arriving at the Vanishing Point, thanks to Sara’s manual piloting, the Time Masters set Savage free in 2166 again, back to where he was taken. He’s been in league with them the entire time, shifting the stream of time himself after figuring out how to time travel.

Our heroes had a moral dilemma about killing Savage, can they do it now? He had them arrested, fooled them all, and threatened each of their lives. The only way to stop him is to kill him, but does Kendra have it in her?

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Carter was stabbed again, so he’ll probably not be strong enough for the season to carry out the kill order.

The Legends now have to escape from the Vanishing Point and re-evaluate whether the mission is worth the danger.

How could they stop Savage knowing that he’s manipulating time, too? Doesn’t taking him out in 2166 leave too much damage already done to the world? Stopping him amid the world crisis would do inferior repairs. He’d already released the virus that murdered half of the world’s population and created an army that can stand alone without him.

In order to stop him, they need to go backwards in time, not forward.

Though each needs to find answers before they can expect to be a real threat to him and his forces.

Legends of Tomorrow continues Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW!

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