Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 13 Review: Leviathan

Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 13 “Leviathan” was just what the show needed to regain moral in the season’s final stretch.

Forced to return to the future to take down Vandal Savage in the only time they know he’ll be, Rip and the crew are forced to come up with a plan. And fast.

Kidnapping Cassandra Savage was a move I thought these heroes would never make. His daughter and part of his army, Savage manipulated his daughter into joining his crusade. He blamed his own decision to unleash the virus on the world on someone else, the turning point for her. She’s genuinely searching for justice; searching to save the world.

Unfortunately, her father is Vandal Savage, so there’s only so much she can contribute to the team, including a bracelet that Kendra was wearing during her first death. A bracelet that she’s going to kill Savage with. But if Sara Lance is stumped on how to murder someone with a bracelet, is it really possible?

Kendra’s shift in this episode was much needed. The past few episodes she’s been moping around about Ray and Carter, struggling to make up her mind about her screwed up love life while the team actually focused on fighting Vandal Savage, and she definitely stepped up.

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Her brilliant idea to melt down her bracelet and coat Carter’s mace with it could’ve been Savage’s downfall, but Kendra’s humanity and love for Carter got the best of her.

I did not see Carter’s return coming. Or rather, the reincarnation of him from 2166, a member of Savage’s army, whose mind has been locked away. His memories are trapped, at Savage’s doing. This man cannot recall his previous lives. Just when you thought he couldn’t get more evil, he finds another way to tear Kendra’s love away from her.

One story I’m ready for the ending to: Kendra and Ray’s “love” story. This show doesn’t need a love triangle, in fact, it could use less focus on relationships in general. The “legends” have hardly done any fighting and all of their plans have fallen through. They’re nothing except a bunch of misfits at this point, and the season is almost over.

Kendra loves Carter, Prince Kufu, whoever he is, and she always will. They’re destined — fated — and Ray can ignore that all he wants, but she shouldn’t. Even as her relationship will Ray progressed, she never stopped flashing back to her previous lives. Eight of which found her married to her soul mate.

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This love triangle eats up valuable time that could be spent with the team coming together and making a plan to fight Savage, especially now that they’ve taken him captive. (Thanks, Cassandra!) Savage is going to exploit each of their weaknesses to escape the ship, all because Kendra froze and couldn’t end it all when she had the chance. Yes, this version of Carter wouldn’t get his memories, but she can’t take him back to the past with her. Her Carter is dead. They aren’t supposed to be together in this lifetime.

Other thoughts:

  • Seeing Ray grow instead of shrink was very awesome, very refreshing, and opens up a new door for his journey as The Atom.
  • I would’ve loved to see Sara and Cassandra pair up and kick some ass together. They’re both badass women who could’ve taken down that army by themselves. (Probably not, but I can dream, can’t I?)
  • Who is this new Carter? What’s his name, what’s his story?
  • Is anyone else tired of Stein’s obnoxious behavior? I really hope Firestorm isn’t part of Season 2. Sorry, not sorry.

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