Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 12 Review: Last Refuge

On Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 12, “Last Refuge,” the team is put in peril as the Time Masters continue to search for a way to stop them, calling upon their most challenging opponent yet: the Pilgrim. In order to stop the legends, the Pilgrim travels back in time to kill them all. Or, at least, their former selves.

It’s interesting to see where all of these characters came from. Sara was a typical teenage girl, before she was murdered like three times now? Four? I can’t keep up. Rory’s obsession with fire killed his parents. Stein was born in a car in 1950. And Jax’s father died two weeks after his birth, after he was shipped out and killed in action.

Each of our characters has such a tragic past that hasn’t been explored to its full extent. They’re so much deeper than what we’ve seen, and it’s sad that only now, in Episode 12, we’re seeing this deeper, darker layer to our team, which might possibly be disbanded next season.

My favorite of the night was definitely Sara Lance. Her relationship with Quentin is one of the few things that Arrow got right, and it breaks my heart that she’s soon going to find out that her sister, Laurel, died. That family has been torn apart too many times and I hope that they will let them breathe and cope with the grief over Laurel’s death.

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Kendra and Ray’s relationship is very interesting considering she is still fated to be with Carter, but she truly loves Ray. But if she’s having these feelings for a man who isn’t around, while the man she’s falling in love with is smothering her. What more does it say that their relationship can only progress in dire situations? They fell in love when they were left behind for two years in 1950 and Ray proposed as he was being attacked by the Pilgrim.

To save themselves, the legends travelled back to remove themselves from the timeline and place their younger selves under the protection of Rip’s mother. Adoptive, that is. A time master, as well, his mother was placed at a secret location in time to train and groom orphans to become future time masters, through strict discipline, which is why we can presume Rip acts as he does.

Never thought I’d say this, but Rip and Rory seem to have a lot in common, in respect to familial issues. A great friendship could blossom between them, but they’re both so stubborn that I doubt it will be revisited. The only real friendship we’ve seen start and grow on its own is Sara and Kendra’s. Being able to reincarnate must give you a lot to discuss.

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Without their younger selves, the team is now on the clock to take down Vandal Savage. If they aren’t returned to their respective timelines, they’ll disappear altogether, destroying any illusion of time management.

Next week, the team continues to hunt for Savage, but with this new threat of non-existence over their heads, will they be able to focus? What do you think of Kendra and Ray’s engagement? Will it last? I don’t think so. Plus, what are you most looking forward to in the rest of the season? That team fight scene against the Pilgrim was epic, even though she was taken down by Rip’s younger self, but it would be killer to see them paired as a team more often, rather than separate duos.

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