Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 16 Review: Legendary

Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 16, “Legendary,” finds the team confronting Vandal Savage to stop him from completing the craziest super villain mission ever: to return the world to Ancient Egypt using the meteorites that destroyed the world he lived in with Kendra and Carter.

But first, Rip returns them to May 2016, five months after they left, to unwillingly return to their lives while he attempts to find Savage. Instead of returning them to January 2016 like he promised, it’s months later, meaning their families have not heard from them in months.

Nor do they know what’s been going on with their own families. Like how Laurel Lance died, which is why Rip returned them as he did.

Sara didn’t know her sister died, but Rip did, and he kept it from her, and that’s where the Legends of Tomorrow writers captured everything that Arrow did wrong.

Sure, they came up with some bullshit excuse why Sara couldn’t save Laurel, but Sara did the one thing that nobody on the other show did. She grieved.

Sara wanted to go back and save Laurel and she didn’t give up as easily as everyone else. Sara was brought back from the dead a year after, yet the characters on Arrow just gave up so easily. It’s disappointing that the writers of a different show did a better job.

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To stop Savage they had to travel into three separate time periods and take down that incarnation of him as he activated the meteorites. Proving, once again, that Sara is still the best character on this show as she did herself what the rest of her team had to do in pairs: kill Savage.

Rip’s almost sacrifice plotted him on a path for Season 2; he’s going to protect the timeline now that the Time Masters are no more.

Rip has really grown as a character over this season. No longer is he doing this just to avenge his family, but he’s accepting responsibility for the mess he’s created by accepting his fate as the protector of time. Will he be able to stay objective when it comes to his own feelings, rather than controlling those of his crew?

Returning to the Waverider for Season 2 to save the world are Rip, Sara, Ray, Rory, and Firestorm, but Carter and Kendra are accepting their own fate. Without Savage, they can finally live the life they’ve always wanted and deserved. (Reports say this was the choice of the actors.)

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Or not on the Waverider as they get a visit from Rex Tyler, a member of the Justice Society of America, who comes back under Rory’s orders to prevent them from boarding the Waverider, saying it will cause their death.

My feelings toward Season 2 are mixed. Hawkgirl was one of my favorite parts of Season 1, and without her, it just won’t be the same. Savage was a poor villain, but it made sense given the story set-up, but how are they going to be legends if they’re just basic heroes who happen to have the ability to time travel.

The Justice Society story can go very wrong, given that most of the comic characters that took part in this society are elsewhere in the DC universe. What mockery will they make of this iconic comic story, much like they did with the Black Canary’s?

Legends of Tomorrow returns this fall on The CW!

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