Legends of Tomorrow Review: Invasion! (Season 2 Episode 7)

As the crossover ended, Team Flash, Arrow, and the Legends, using Supergirl’s help, brought an end to the Dominators and saved the world. It wasn’t an easy task, yet they banded together and, as Mick says, they were “saved by geeks.”

Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 7 continued the crossover’s focus on Barry Allen and more of the consequences from creating Flashpoint. After all, the Dominators only returned to Earth because he decided he could go back in time and change the past. Why does Barry screw everything up?

Sara: It’s weird to think all of the started with the two of us. Ever think what it would be like if we never got on that boat?
Oliver: I don’t know if I have to think about it. Maybe the Dominators showed us what our lives wouldn’t been like.
Sara: I know it was a prison, but in a way..
Oliver: In a way, it was a gift.

Could everything that’s happened really have been Sara and Oliver’s fault? It’s completely possible. On Arrow Season 5 Episode 8, the crossover episode/100th episode, they were tempted and confronted with a happy life in which Oliver and Sara never took off on the Queen’s Gambit, and Moira, Tommy, Laurel, and even Sara never died.

For a crossover event, it was kind of disappointing. Granted the invasion came because of Barry, but spending three more episodes in one week while Barry cries about his terrible life decisions is just too much. It’s his own damn fault, and Oliver stood up for him alone originally because Oliver is also at fault for many of the awful things that’ve happened in Star City.

This marked the first crossover with Supergirl, yet she too became a supporting character waving her hand in the background to prop up Barry and Oliver’s horrible (and wrong) decisions. As an actual alien, she should’ve played a much more important role. Can we also just talk about the fact that the entire team could hardly touch Kara, yet they were able to take on an army of Dominators?

Kara: I was just thinking my Earth could use an Oliver Queen.

Don’t even joke about that, Kara. Save yourself now.

Anyways, the actual take down of the Dominators was kind of (read: amazingly) disappointing. It’s no surprise that the heroes weren’t enough to finish the fight by themselves, but they needed the help of Cisco, Felicity, Stein, and his new daughter caused by a time aberration to use tech to defeat their enemies.

Instead of these huge crossovers, more effort should be taken to find new pairings to explore. Seeing Supergirl/White Canary working together would have been amazing, especially given the differences between Sara and Kara’s personalities. (Though Supergirl, Black Canary, and White Canary would’ve been so, so much better.)

If anything, the crossover proved just how much of a fail they can be. The “epic” promise was completely overshadowed by yet another episode that only focused on Barry and Oliver’s bromance. We’ve had too many of those crossovers already; with this many superheroes, more focus needs to be given to the others because no, we’re not all watching to see Oliver Queen act like an ass.

The only Legends of Tomorrow character that actually received any focus whatsoever is Dr. Stein. Sure, Sara had a big role in the Arrow crossover episode, but his time aberration took up so much of the time that could’ve been spent exploring the Dominators and coming up with a better and bigger mission to rid the Earth of them.

Taking up an entire week of DCTV to focus on only The Flash and Green Arrow isn’t a good enough reason to prompt a crossover. Many are more excited for the Supergirl and The Flash musical crossover later this season, especially since it should involve more than only Kara.

All in all, the crossover shouldn’t have even been stretched to include the Legends of Tomorrow episode because, for those that actually enjoy watching the show, we were rather exposed to just another The Flash episode.

Legends of Tomorrow continues with their midseason finale on Thursday at 8/7c on The CW.

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