Legends of Tomorrow Review: Compromised (Season 2 Episode 5)

Sara tries to kill Damien Darhk, again, while Older Martin has it out with Younger Martin. Amaya encounters a member of the JSA; Ray and Mick work on their partnership, and Darhk officially teams up with Eobard.

If you’re a fan of the 1980’s, you’ll love Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 5. After last episode’s adventure into the 1800’s, Jax is still hung up on trying to fix history.

Sara, for all her good intentions in agreeing with Martin about saving history & not changing it goes about it strangely when the opportunity arises, yet again, to kill Darhk to avenge/save Laurel.

Sara’s devotion to her sister is honorable because, yes, Laurel sacrificed everything to bring Sara back, but Sara’s job now isn’t vigilante justice. She’s the leader; she’s the role model, and she can’t just go about killing whomever she wants because it suits her needs while telling Jax he must stay the course of history.

Jax for his part calls her out on her double standard, and she agrees to stand down, but it’s doubtful this is the last time she will try to kill Darhk; Sara’s love for Laurel is too strong for her to just let go.

Speaking of love, Martin loves his wife, we all know that, but his obsession with his work has (on occasion) kept him from her. This time our Martin is flabbergasted that young Martin could ever ignore his wife. It was a cute addition to the story, but ultimately of no consequence. Unless younger Martin opens his mouth about time travel, then perhaps things could get interesting, but that would probably put Clarissa in harm’s way. And if nothing else, younger Martin learned his lesson this episode.

The standout part of this episode is the growing bond between Ray and Mick. There’s comedy, but there’s heart. Mick admitting that Ray trying to be Leonard was hurting him is a big step, especially for a man who can’t even say the word feelings. Yes, there are kinks to work out, but the two of them must have a lot of trust in each other already because Mick allowing Ray to tinker with the last part of Captain Cold’s persona is a huge leap.

Ray may not have much of an identity at this moment, but he’s still a brilliant scientist, and that will probably be his most powerful tool.

This whole Damien/Eobard team up thing is confusing. We know Damien’s story already, well if you watch Arrow you do, so it’s curious as to why the writers have decided to take the big bad from the disappointing and horribly written Arrow Season 4 and make him the big bad of Legends of Tomorrow Season 2.

Time travel is useful for bringing back dead characters, but originality is also super useful for making long-lasting television. That being said, Eobard’s entrance into this world is fascinating because we have absolutely no idea why he’s jumping through time at thus exact moment. Aside from the whole killing Barry’s mom thing and trying to get back home, we know virtually nothing about him.

We learn more about Amaya in this episode, including her distaste for the fashion in the 1980’s. (Shoulder pads are an abomination!)

She and Rex (of blessed memory) were together, but not together together. In theory, Amaya will return to 1942 when the team captures Eobard and Damien, so making her feel guilty for leaving was a strange move, unless the writers plan on keeping her on the team permanently.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Thursdays on The CW at 8/7c.

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