Legends of Tomorrow Review: Abominations (Season 2 Episode 4)

Zombies invade the Civil War, the team must face them down and Mick is bitten by a zombie. Meanwhile, Jax and Amaya face slavery head on.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 4 has zombies! The zombies turn out to be not as big a deal as we are led to believe. Yeah, they are about to attack the union. Yeah, Mick is bitten. Zombies. Yeah, they went there.

The most fascinating part of this episode is how they dealt with the reality of the Civil War and slavery. They didn’t show anything that would be deemed too severe for the network, but showed the sounds of someone being whipped, the discussion of castration as a punishment for running away, and the implications of rape.

These are serious subjects that are not easily written into CW stories.

Jax and Amaya, assumed to be slaves, are treated as such. A fact that neither of them can wrap their heads around; a fact that they both ignore.

It’s really quite beautiful how Franz and Maisie play their characters in this time period. It couldn’t have been easy for them even to broach this subject.

Another highlight of the episode is Mick Rory. Damn that Dominic Purcell, he’s a shining light. The criminal with a heart. Zombie Mick? Meh. It was what it was. Him being a zombie was just a way for Ray to self-reflect. Mick’s ability to break the tension is brilliant and kudos to the writers for knowing that Dominic is the perfect comedic relief.

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It was great seeing Jax take charge and not be reliant on Stein. Firestorm is amazing, and their connection is beautiful, but it seems lately that Martin was getting more stories that sideline Jax.

It was nice to have an episode where Jax is the hero, obviously with Amaya’s help.

There’s a moment in the middle of the episode where Stein experiences Jax’s pain. The vulnerability in his face. It’s shared between the both of them when they talk about hope in the face of darkness. Their partnership is outstanding in how they can truly feel each other. More so than when Ronnie was part of firestorm. This current pairing can read each other’s emotions so well, and in an episode full of pain, it worked knowing Jax wasn’t alone after seeing the realities of the era.

The zombie storyline was weak, and ultimately very unnecessary. It added nothing to the episode as far as quality or enjoyment. There could have been a hundred different reasons for them to go to 1863. There should have been a focus group for this episode.

Martin being terrified of zombies was certainly not what we were expecting.

Who else was shocked by Mick offering a partnership to Ray? Offering Ray the Cold Gun is a token of friendship. Is Ray the new Captain Cold? Is he still the Atom? Maybe he’s just Ray with a new toy. It’ll be exciting to see how that partnership plays out, because it’s clear Mick cares for Ray, something that probably surprises even him!

This episode had a lot of heart, more than you’d expect for an episode full of zombies. It dealt with serious topics in a way that makes one of the most heartbreaking moments in history palatable. But, ultimately, the writing of the story and the mix of zombies just didn’t work. The writers couldn’t pull it off. Better luck next time.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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