Legends of Tomorrow Review: Shogun (Season 2 Episode 3)

Professor Nate becomes the Man of Steel, literally, and his obnoxious, idiotic actions land him and the team in Feudal Japan, in the middle of the Shogun’s horrific reign.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 3, “Shogun,” introduces a new fighter to the Legends’ team: Steel. Clearly an attempt to make Nate a little more interesting and not a present day knock-off of Rip Hunter, it failed. His personality has fluctuated so much in the three episodes he’s been in.

On the other hand, this new, or rather old Vixen is an interesting and welcome addition to the team; if anything, it’s nice to have another badass lady on the team, which was too make-dominated in the first season.

Not only is she a badass female with powers, but she’s a POC. Her and Sara’s blossoming friendship is a blessing, and hopefully they’ll be the bromance that this season is missing with Captain Cold gone.

Sara becoming Captain of the Waverider is the best thing that could’ve happened on this series. Her bossy nature, serious attitude with a hint of comic relief, and her ability to see the situation from every angle brings the team’s positivity ratings up just a bit higher for all of us viewers.

But let’s skip ahead to the most important part of the episode: the hidden part of the Waverider that contained a message from Barry Allen in 2046. 

What didn’t he want the team to know? Didn’t the Legends travel to Star City in 2046 to a world that was so irreparably damaged that even Oliver Queen had all but accepted defeat? We didn’t see Barry in this timeline or hear what had become of Central City, so whatever happened, it’s a mystery.

Do they do something to change the timeline? Or was that Barry’s final message? Perhaps he was about to die — his voice did sound a bit husky and low, and not just from old age — and whatever it was, it scarred even Dr. Stein.

Could this be tied to whatever caused Rip Hunter to disappear?


The team is beginning to look a lot more like an actual team, like Team Flash or Supergirl, and the irony of this happening after Rip’s disappearance as he spent the entirety of Season 1 trying to make them a team is delicious.

With Ray’s suit destroyed now after a showdown with the Shogun, what role will he have on the team?

He’s not going to be able to rebuild one in just a few episodes, and as much as they want to rewrite all of these characters as incredible fighters when they’ve never trained in their life (unlike Laurel Lance, who they painted as utterly incompetent, even though she’d taken self-defense classes for her entire life) Ray Palmer is not a fighter.

Thats why he has a suit that boosts his strength, reflexes, and speed because he’s inexperienced. Even Nate could probably handle himself better than Ray, before the whole Steel thing.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Thursday at 8/7c on The CW.

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