Legends of Tomorrow Review: The Justice Society of America (Season 2 Episode 2)

With Rip Hunter missing in time, the Legends have reunited to protect time and honor their captain, but for now, they’re stuck in 1942 both threatened by the Justice Society of America and protecting them.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 2 was yet another refreshing episode of a series that could last with this format, though the consequences of time-travel are still not enough of a worry to these folks that just wander through whatever place and time they please.

The Legends are now paired with an actual team that works well together and is able to balance the personalities of each member under a real leader, something the Legends may never have.

Can we all just take a moment to enjoy the clap back at the misogynistic Rex Tyler being put down when Sara was appointed to leader of the team? The old, white man doesn’t get to be the team leader for once, and we are living! Let’s be real, though, is there anyone more experienced and level-headed than Sara, an ex-assassin?

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She’s always taking charge on the battle front, and the only issue with her being the team leader is the potential of her not being out in the field. She may not have super powers, but she’s the best fighter, and losing her out in the field would be a big loss for the team and make their missions that much harder.

It’s exciting to have new heroes joining the Legends, at least for a little bit. Vixen already seems to have more charisma than her counterpart/granddaughter did in her one episode of Arrow last season, and admittedly, Rex Tyler won’t be missed by us after being murdered by the Reverse Flash.

Too many heroes could be an issue, especially as the focus is on bringing the Legends together as a team with Rip Hunter nagging them every episode. Also, he also isn’t missed. He lacked the charm to fit in with the others, and without him, the team has to finally become a team and learn to work together and take charge on their own. They have to want to be there, want to protect time, and he’s not basically forcing them to accompany him through time with the promise that they’ll be “legends” one day.

Is the Reverse Flash a worthy opponent for Legends of Tomorrow? Barry was able to stop him by himself in The Flash Season 1, so why bringing back a defeated villain, two actually if including Damien Darhk, was a good idea?

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If it takes all of them working together as a team to stop them, that proves they’re a very weak team, indeed. Shouldn’t all of these heroes be equal to one another in some way, if not just experience then by the power of their powers and abilities?

Why should Barry be able to stop Eobard and Ray Palmer not?

Introducing a new villain would’ve been a better use of the time for Legends of Tomorrow Season 2, but I suppose there’s no better way to defend time than to defend it from someone who can actually use their metahuman abilities to travel through time and change it for the worse?

Legends of Tomorrow continues Thursday at 8/7c on The CW.

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