Legends of Tomorrow Review: Out of Time (Season 2 Episode 1)

After barely saving the world from Vanadal Savage and destroying the Time Masters in the process, Rip, Sara, and the crew are visited by Rex Tyler from the Justice Society of America who warns them not to travel to 1942 or else.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 1 finds Dr. Heywood visiting Oliver Queen with concerns about the safety of the Legends. Clues in past historical documents point out flaws in the way history should be, especially when mentions of UFOs like the Waverider appear, and a painting of Ray is acquired.

Surprisingly, this was the best episode of the series yet. Unlike the previous season, the plot seems to work, at least so far. It was a bit repetitive to have the Legends have to find their way back together, but at least this time wasn’t by choice.

Having an atomic bomb strike three years before the invention of the atomic bomb and destroying New York City was a disasterous example of what could go wrong when one meddles with time. Similar to new NBC drama Timeless, with the Legends in charge, they have to be very, very careful about their actions in order to prevent the timeline from changing.

Even the littlest shift can change the timeline, and this is one thing that Legends of Tomorrow gets very, very wrong. Sara sleeps with the Queen of France, Ray uses his future tech, they are reckless about the Waverider’s camouflage, they’ve done so many things that could ruin history and time as they know it, yet they have no idea the consequences that they face.

The Legends make big mistakes, yet they never go back to the present day to see if they’ve changed anything. If they do, they’ll continue to travel until somehow someday they finally stop, and then they’ll return to a different home with no idea when or where they messed up their lives.

Having Hawkgirl and Hawkman gone actually lightens the mood of the series. Vandal Savage and the connection drowned out the characters and the plots that could’ve happened, but it also could’ve been that they just want to aim for this moment, with the Legends guarding time, and didn’t care how they arrived.

Where is Rip? This seems to be the season’s biggest mystery, but like, I actually don’t care. Keep him. Rip is the only one that understands the concept of time and history, yet they never listen to him, and I’m tired of it. Let them mess everything up and then beg for help; they need to learn the hard way.

Hopefully, the concept of time, consequences, and danger rears itself in the ugliest way possible to disrupt the blissful ignorance that the Legends are living in with them believing they can do and change whatever they’d like to fit their own plans.

As much as I want Sara to kill Damien Darhk, who is teaming up with Eobard Thawne in 1942 to bomb New York, to bring Laurel back, she does need to understand what could go wrong and what could change if she does so.

But with the Arrow producers saying Laurel will be back in Arrow‘s midseason premiere, though whether as the Earth-1, Earth-2, or flashback version remains to be seen, it’s possible that Sara succeeds with the help of Flashpoint.

Legends of Tomorrow continues Thursday at 8/7c on The CW.

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