Keep Kara Danvers Single on ‘Supergirl’

After a season of lusting after James and chasing him around with puppy eyes, Kara decided in the Season 2 premiere to stay single and discover who she is. Not who she is as Supergirl, who she is as Kara Danvers.

Supergirl Season 2 made the promise to discover who Kara Danvers is, but as time has passed, Kara’s refusal to enter a relationship with James for that reason is being overrun by the writers’ desire to bring Kara and Mon-El apart. Can’t a girl be single on The CW?

Why does a strong, independent, powerful woman like Kara Danvers have to be placed with the man of the season? We all know Mon-El won’t be sticking around; he’s already lied to her about who he is, which is apparent from the aliens that are searching for him and prepared to kill, and he’s called her selfish, among many other things.

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His destiny seems to be death. Mon-El’s future is tied to Kara, and now that he’s decided to become a superhero (for all the wrong reasons, obviously), it’s only a matter of time before he majorly screws up an his life is put on the line. With Cadmus out there too, their goal is to exterminate aliens on Earth, and if Kara and Clark could barely protect themselves against Metallo, how would Mon-El stand a chance?

Their relationship seems to be focused on one thing: the fact that they’re from rival planets, and they both have powers. If Mon-El hadn’t been from Daxam, they wouldn’t have had the connection they seemingly do, and Mon-El wouldn’t have powers like the Kryptonians.

As for Kara, this is supposed to be the season where her life as Kara Danvers, reporter, is explored, yet it’s being pushed to the background. In fact, everyone’s story is being pushed to the background to favor Mon-El’s.

Kara finally has a job she wants, a job she’s good at and she’s improving greatly at, yet little of her time is actually spent as a reporter. All of her stories come from her time as Supergirl; she saved the people from Slavers Moon, she’s connected to Lena, and so on. Where are the scenes of Kara, as dorky Kara Danvers, going out to interview people and chase a story without using her powers as her advantage? Without using Supergirl as her source?

Kara’s life shouldn’t revolve around the men in her life, especially as a series with so many strong women. She spent all of Season 1 fawning over James as he bounced between her and Lucy Lane. Now that she’s finally confident in being single, they’re forcing her into a relationship with Mon-El to prop up their new male character and give him a story, and even Kara is being pushed to the background of her own show. Her needs are being placed behind Mon-El’s, which is ridiculous and gross.

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Not that the men on this series shouldn’t have stories, but if they’re going to, give the stories to characters established in Season 1 who have hope to remain on the show long term. Explore James being Guardian more and how he and Winn work as a team, or follow Winn as he navigates his new role at the DEO. Give J’onn a story, and see how him being an alien and the leader of the DEO is affecting how the team works with him, and how the government looks at him. These characters deserve stories more than a random newbie introduced just to further a plot.

And, for God sake, let the woman stay single. Let Kara find herself without being tied to any man; let Ms. Danvers learn the rules and procedures of reporting, and follow her interest when she’s not being Supergirl and saving the day. Kara doesn’t need a man to make her interesting.

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7 comments on “Keep Kara Danvers Single on ‘Supergirl’

  1. A woman is not incapable of growth because she has a boyfriend. There is nothing wrong with girls wanting to find love AND wanting to be successful in their careers. The Gaurdian storyline is terrible, most critics are calling it the weakest part of the season and I would agree, how would anyone want that to have more screen time? The difference between Mon-El’s story and James’ the season is that all of mon’s scenes are WITH Kara, almost as her sidekick. The Guardian storyline is being done separately, on HER show. Not to mention the need for a vigilante type character is completely pointless on Supergirl.

    Mon-El’s arc IS character development for Kara. Kara all through season 1 talked about how lonely she felt on earth, she use to talk to a hologram of her mother because it made her feel “less alone”. She broke down to James about feeling that she’d “never have what you and Lucy have, my perfect partner”. She wanted to move to metropolis because Clark reminded her of home. She also made a promise to her parents to look after/mentor Clark, which she always felt like she’d failed them on. Throughout the series she’s felt useless because she never achieved her sole purpose on earth. Now she is with Mon-El. She’s outright said this in 3 or 4 scenes.

    Actually it was Kara that called Mon-El selfish, Mon-El only called her out on her hypocrisy at calling him that. Kara is not perfect. Kara judges people A LOT (we saw that more in the last episode). Kara also loves the attention she gets for saving people (all Kryptonians do). She was judging him and calling him selfish, he had every right to tell her she was not one to judge.

    Mon-El is a famous superhero in his own right. The leader of the Legion of Superheroes. He’s going no where, other than maybe another CW show in the future.

  2. Kara doesn’t need a man. But it’s her choice. Her being with a man will not make her less interesting or less independent. When it comes to Karamel relationship, Kara completely dominates Mon El. The viewed love seeing them together.

  3. Nice to find out I cant be a strong, independent, powerful woman because I’m in a relationship. Does the same apply to Alex, or is this just for women with boyfriends? This article is so patronising, Kara’s a young girl in her 20s why can’t she date? Where’s your think piece on Barry Allen and his several relationships? Or Oliver Queen and his many love interests? Bored of girls being shamed for wanting to find love. May as well retitle this ‘keep Kara Danvers single because women can’t be their own people when they meet a man’.

  4. Alex spends 99% of her scenes out of the DEO and now inside the DEO, with Maggie, is she not strong anymore. And Kara and Mon-El seem to have much more in common than Maggie and Alex as we dont know anything about maggie at all. what is their relationship based on? Please can we stop telling girls they’re only strong if they’re single, i actually find it offensive as my mom has been married for 15 years and is the strongest person i know. also Kara is in no way in the “background” of Mon-El, she is always front and center in their scenes. he seems to be the only character that actually has scenes with Kara this season, why does James and Alex get separate stories? and Kara was the one that called him selfish.So no, they can keep Kara single, but they shouldn,t have too and Mon-El is good for her.

  5. ummm Monel isn’t becoming a superhero for the wrong reasons did you not watch the last episode? he said he knows Kara doesn’t feel the same but that doesn’t matter as he still wants to be trained and to become a hero. and you don’t know why he’s lied to her about his past because we don’t know about it yet – if he is the prince would you blame him? Kara imprisoned Monel for just being a regular daxamite, she’s said horrible things about the Royal family – why would he tell her? and actually he said “you’re not selfless” which i think is a very different thing and only after she called him selfish, and he said that because she’s not selfless its true – kara knows that – and she had just judged him based on where he comes from. Kara and Monel make a nice couple and I don’t think they’ll kill him off he’s getting too much screen time for that to happen and comic book fans love valor

  6. Wtf? You sound those delusional & bitter supercorpse stans. Stop degrading Kara’s values just because you want her single. A woman can still be independent and powerful even with a man by her side.

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