Marvel’s Jessica Jones: AKA Shark in the Bathtub, Monster in the Bed (Season 2 Episode 9)

Jessica and her mother find and lose one another. Trish realizes she’s nothing without her drug. Jeri gets healed. A decision is made.

On Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 9, “AKA Shark in the Bathtub, Monster in the Bed,” while discussing what to do with their captive Pryce, their shark in the bathtub, they realize just what they mean to one another and what family means to them. At the same time, Trish finds her independence and liberation drug has run out. Oscar’s family begins to disintegrate and he needs Jessica to help resolve them. Pryce becomes the divisive point in which Jessica and her mother separate.

Pryce’s Shot

The attacker’s viewpoint is shown, and it’s a vengeful Pryce! Poised and ready, his fate seems unfortunate, as Alisa the monster closes in, only wrangled by Jessica’s calling her mom. The line that Jessica is tiptoeing is more than just what to do with Pryce, but also what to do in regards to her own mind in reconciling the two women in front of her, her mother and the monster. Her unwillingness to let anyone help is reflective of how Alisa was at the beginning, unable to let go of her past self and uncompromising on her vision of the future.

As Jeri and Inez attempt to figure out what they are to one another, Trish comes to figure out if Malcolm as outed her, a user identifying one another in the same way that Inez identified Jeri. Much like Jeri and Inez, Malcolm and Trish are trying to figure out how they fit into one another’s lives without being the fuel of destruction or being used in the process.

Family Values

When Trish comes to see Jessica, the long-held secrets of the sisters seem ready to blow. Jessica finally opens her eyes to the way Trish actually is, and then has to open her eyes to who her mother is, the all-consuming rage of a mother who has been searching tirelessly and endlessly for her daughter. As the night has Jessica’s two families intersecting, a new facet of a growing idea of family comes in the way of Oscar, who recognizes and admits that he’s now involved in her life, while at the same time showing a fracturing of his own family. The protection of the idea of family, and the way it can be defined, seems to be a running theme, as Jeri protects Inez in the face of a hyped-up Trish, whose main goal is more to do with getting the next big fix and being applauded than with actually saving or helping anyone. Inez’s protection comes by the way of healing Jeri.

Jessica and Trish attempt to help and protect one another from outside sources that are infecting their lives: Trish from the killer, Jessica from the drug that has been aiding Trish. Despite not being real family, the people who are protecting each other, who are trying to help each other, could easily define their relationship in familial terminology. When Oscar’s real family is threatened, he extends his idea of family to Jessica’s mother, who helped to save his son. The idea of Jessica’s life has always been keep everyone at arm’s distance, but now she finds herself having more family than ever before, despite that she might have to make a decision on what to do with her mother the monster.

The mother-daughter duo is struggling with their own understanding of each other, as well as of the accident that defined their lives. Jessica’s blame on herself for the accident has dominated her moments in life, and Alisa’s inability to act in her own marriage that fractured their lives has dominated her moments in life, and has caused the endless fight to find her daughter. Despite their different responses to their pasts, as Alisa wants to forget and Jessica can’t seem to, they both are haunted by the events in the present.

Trish’s Failures

Haunted by her own actions, Trish abandons her post at her radio show and finds herself the position she’s always dreamed of, despite not having the capacity to get her there anymore, as the one thing that has stimulated her has finally run out. The concept of her losing her juice just as her life seems to come together is an ironic reflection on her addiction; instead of getting everything she’s ever wanted on her own terms, she has resorted back to the old Trish, still kneeling on the floor to please someone (in this case, something) else in order to get her dream life. Trish’s dependency on something other than herself results in her flailing and, ultimately, failing at her own dreams. Despite not seeing leaving her radio show as a failure, her dependency has become an unmitigated failure, which will inevitably spiral.

Oscar’s Favor

As they try to figure out exactly what it is they should do, mostly in regards to finding their footing with one another, Oscar calls on Jessica for a favor, the first time he’s done that in their relationship of knowing each other. In a desperate attempt at finding Vido, the two super women have to help one another, coming to the conclusion that motherhood, and family, is something that is complicated and intangible in its manifestations. The idea of not being able to pick your family arises, especially in the constant debate of what to do and how to control her, this time through a conversation with Jessica and Pryce. Jessica makes a risky choice, one that forever isolates her from her one true family member.


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