Marvel’s Jessica Jones: AKA Ain’t We Got Fun (Season 2 Episode 8)

Jessica meets her mother officially. Trish talks about the inhaler. Malcolm is becoming a real PI while no one’s watching. Jeri starts looking at her life more hopefully.

On Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 8, “AKA Ain’t We Got Fun,” Jessica realizes that the monster and her mother might be synonymous, despite her not wanting to ever believe such a thing could happen. Malcolm becomes all too aware of Trish’s issue, it becoming his own, making him succumb to his old ways. Jeri realizes that the truth might not be all what she thought, but perhaps better than she imagined. Hope is reachable in the face of Jeri, dances on the horizon for Jessica, and seems like a faraway dream for Trish.

Chained to a Bed

Jessica wakes up in the same way her mother has so many times before. Karl’s good guy persona consistently doubted by both mother and daughter, he has to justify his actions and subsequently Alisa’s too. Putting a wedge between she and Trish seems to be her only option in order to facilitate a connection with her mother, but also creates an isolated environment for Trish, who has already been exhibiting signs of being on edge. Separating the sisters allows for a different kind of growth for both, this time Trish being on the regressive side. Trish and Malcolm find themselves on odd ends, despite Malcolm being the exact person Trish needs in order to get better, despite her not knowing it yet.

Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

Jessica and Alisa have their first real meeting, acting as two different ends of the spectrum in regards to Karl, who then escapes at Alisa’s bidding. On the same level, Malcolm and Trish act as two different ends of the spectrum in regards to her new drug, being that Malcolm sees the trouble with the addiction and Trish believes it to be leveling the playing field for her. As Jessica and Alisa have a rather unemotional mother-daughter moment, proving their relation without either truly realizing it, Alisa strikes a resemblance to Jeri too, even though Jeri’s ambition was never stifled and both unwilling to cooperate with Jessica’s standoffish isolationism. Memory sharing becomes the fuel for Jessica, whose actions will undoubtedly cause future turmoil with the cops’ trust she’s spent so much time building.

Hidden Truths

Malcolm becomes the asset that Jeri needs, pulling at the threads that Jeri needs to become her own person, to keep building her empire that she’s done successfully all on her own, and without anyone to hold her back. As usual, she pulls at her own leads, and finds the healer. Utilizing the power she has amassed on her own, she’s able to discover that the healer might be just as he suggests. In almost the same vein, Jessica discovers that the monster might be her mother in the way she suggests. Their similarities are mounting and the insinuation that daughters become their mothers could scarily even apply to these two, as Alisa integrates herself into Jessica’s life by meeting Oscar in order to avoid the cop.

Malcolm’s Threads

As Malcolm pursues a loose string for Jeri, he pits one of Jeri’s partners against one another, making very strong moves in being a more successful PI than Jessica. Malcolm’s socialistic commentary of the world proves to be not as strong as he’d hoped to convey, as he gets attacked for simply walking out of a notorious gay bar and gets heckled by three white men. Despite him getting the information he needs from Jeri’s partner, he also gets his shoulder ruined and, despite being rescued by Trish, is forced to dip back into his old addict ways. Rather than being oblivious to the power of the drug like Trish, Malcolm recognizes that it will set him back and that he will be stunted, the stronghold of his arc now obliterated because of the opportunity he gave into when associated with Trish.

As a complete turnaround, Jeri is on a totally opposing arc, using her power and position she has gathered in order to find her own peace. Her plan to kick Inez out takes a different turn, completing the full character change of Jeri. Just as Jessica and Alisa find their footing with one another, the song that Alisa was playing on the piano connecting them and almost defining their time together, an attack is made on them, and Alisa spirals. They got fun indeed.


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