Marvel’s Jessica Jones: AKA Facetime (Season 2 Episode 6)

At long last, Jessica finds out the truth. Trish becomes overly attached to her new drug. Jeri and Inez form a bond over Jeri’s sickness. Oscar and Malcolm try to make sense of the women in their lives.

On Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 6, “AKA Facetime,” Jessica realizes that she has to continue her pursuit of Dr. Karl in order to find the real answer behind the monster and, then ultimately, find the real answer behind her past itself. Alternatively, she puts herself on the line through her relationship with Oscar. Trish puts herself on the line by using and overusing the new inhaler drug and then puts Malcolm’s feelings on the line by taking advantage of them. Jeri comes to terms with that the illness she has been trying to hide from everyone might be her only saving grace on the IGH front.

Oscar and Jessica: Finally!

As Jessica recuperates from the aquarium explosion, that is never actually addressed, she realizes that perhaps she doesn’t wish to be as alone as she once thought. Her monologue about love seems like the inevitable prelude to the next scene, the final act of her and Oscar’s romance, his top two unbuttoned shirt acting as the beginning declaration. The intimate details of Oscar’s life and an emotional exposure on Jessica’s part offers a different relationship forming, one that Jessica is not entirely opposed to while still not being entirely ready for.

The paint, while being part of who Oscar is, becomes somewhat symbolic for Jessica, whose understanding of love has always been the kind of domineering and defining type, Kilgrave having a hold on her, whereas her messy relationship with Oscar is more free and untainted by control. The mess of the paint doesn’t affect her or him necessarily, because there isn’t a willful need for control from either of them. Despite that evening, the reiteration of who Jessica is and her worry of opening up to people still alters her perception of her own reality.

Trish On Drugs

In a different kind of altering reality, Trish takes a bus ride that turns into something she didn’t intend, fueled by the consuming rage addled by her newfound drug and that pre-existing belief of her wanting to be needed. The drug seems to have put that need into high gear, making her almost too hyperaware of her surroundings and, despite seeing Simpson, unable to see the devastation the drug can create.

Control of Life

Jessica and Malcolm pursue the Dr. Karl string, hoping that it will lead to something substantial. In order to pursue her own string of knowledge, Jeri buys some things for Inez in order to receive information on IGH, which proves to be a little less than extraordinary. Trish and Jessica have a little issue being good-cop bad-cop, as Trish is still revved up on her drug-infused worldview. Rather than intimidation, like Trish instigates, Jessica is able to connect to someone whose circumstances are different but is also just trying to survive, despite the ways life makes it impossible. In her own attempt to survive, Inez has a change of heart in her plot to take what Jeri has when she realizes Jeri is sick.

Trish and Jessica administer their superpowers, Trish with her figurative ones and Jessica with her real ones, to take down the patriarchal rich people’s golf club. Jessica’s endeavor, however, is far more useful than Trish’s, who spirals after she realizes that the new trick up her sleeve might have just run its course with her, who then tears apart her apartment in search of it. The control aspect of the episode is full circle with Trish, as the drug that she saw as giving her the ability to be better and stronger has slowly taken over her life, completely altering her. In almost the same vein, Jeri is forced to admit that her sickness is controlling her life, and that an outlet, like the powered healer, is her attempt at regaining her own control.

Control of Love

Relationships are taking a different turn this episode, spiraling out of different members’ control in their own ways. Satiated and stimulated by the drug, Trish takes a turn with Malcolm, playing on his emotions in a very real and manipulative way. Jessica realizes that her feelings for Oscar might be a little harder to curtail than she would have initially hoped.


Jessica has to maintain control as the small realizations begin to add up about Dr. Karl and, alternatively, about the monster herself. Tidbits of her past reemerge in an unusually harmonious way, finally culminating in the reveal of the season. The last line being a little too cliché to end an episode, it offers for an interesting reevaluation as to who exactly is truly in control of the situation and the story behind IGH after all.


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