Marvel’s Jessica Jones: AKA God Help the Hobo (Season 2 Episode 4)

Jessica confronts her past. Jeri looks back on her own history to realize what she wants and, more importantly, what she doesn’t want. Trish uses a tactic from Simpson to find her own power. Pryce’s last attempt to outshine Jessica ends in bloodshed. 

On Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 4, “AKA God Help the Hobo,” Jessica learns that the new villain, the monster, might be hiding more than just a face. Jessica has to realize, within herself, that her anger issues are a part of her but they don’t make her who this monster seems to be. Jeri comes to a realization of her own and that is that she can’t do this alone. A vague family reference is made about Malcolm, which causes him to realize he isn’t all that happy where he is, and that he might not be where he wants to be. Trish makes a quick decision without realizing she is ill-prepared for the fallout.

A Past Analyzed

Jessica’s court-ordered anger management is going well. As she expounds her life story, the overarching theme of tragedy acting as the real catalyst, the leader immediately signs her paperwork, resulting in yet another no-win outlet for Jessica. Rather than reacting to Jessica, both Trish and Malcolm are worried for the other, him asking if she’s okay when he sees the news in the press and she telling Jessica not to be mad at him for what he did. The burgeoning is sweetly obvious.

Oscar’s View

On a different potential romantic front, Jessica has a run-in with the curious son of the super, who seems to bring out the goodness in her, while simultaneously seeming to reinforce to his father that she isn’t worthy of tenancy. The scene accentuates the furthering of stereotypes; despite the scene being different than how Oscar found it, the inevitable conclusion is that, because of what she is capable of, she is not worthy of occupying a space in the apartment building, even when she was just trying to save Vido. All this seems to hide the fact that the super and Jessica seem to still keep running into each other.

A Past Revisited

On a less romantic front, Jessica learns that the killer is wearing a wig, the monster hiding its true identity, the opposite of Jessica, whose cold exterior hides a rather heartfelt identity. When Jessica and Trish end up at the wig shop that supplied Patsy, they realize that they may need someone else from Patsy’s past again, though the wig shop owner seems to be the lesser of two evils.

A Past Reiterated

Meanwhile, when he comes up empty with Jeri, Pryce goes to Malcolm, whose father seems to be someone of high importance, someone with moral stake in the world, substantiating Malcolm’s issues with his own. A family outside of one’s own blood seems to be a running theme for the characters surrounding Jessica, all of whom are finding new definitions to familial terminology in order to make sense of the world around them and to be loved in the right ways. Love is expressed in a myriad of ways, including Jessica defending Trish from Max the abuser or helping Jeri who is finding it difficult to cope with terrible, life-altering news. For Jeri, it can be as simple as a thank you to the person who’s agreed to help. By reaching through the curtain of silence, she has taken Foggy’s advice, despite not pursuing him as the avenue.

Oscar’s New View

In the same vein, Oscar’s love for his son extends to his admiration and appreciation of Jessica, as well as a compilation of unresolved and unspoken feelings, he turned his father on to this newfound view of Jessica. The afresh friendship becomes a drinking buddy situation and then the mood takes a sexual turn, a plot twist that could have been foreseen but is not unwelcome, but it’s Oscar who cuts it off rather than Jessica. Jessica’s conclusion is that it is because of who she is, showcasing the internalized hatred that she has incorporated into her life based on how she is treated, commenting further on the stereotyped people of the modern world.

A Future?

Jeri’s wishes for a quick death, an opt-out, act as the hangover from the slow loss of her father, despite her seeming to be an ideal IGH patient, one on the brink of death with no family and no friends, just her name to speak of. Fresh on the scent of IGH, Jessica meets the nurse that treated the monster and learns that the woman she is pursuing, the monster, is the person she could have been. Refusing to be a helpless and hapless victim, the damsel as it were, Trish utilizes a leftover from Simpson, despite the known effects, and starts to have some of the symptoms of the monster and an unchecked Jessica.

The adage “Speak of the devil and she shall appear” resonates, as the monster seems to turn up to leave chaos on Jessica’s doorstep just as they pull up and Jessica reiterates that the ugly scene isn’t her – she is not a killer. That is something she has made perfectly clear to everyone, and now including herself.


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