Marvel’s Jessica Jones: AKA Sole Survivor (Season 2 Episode 3)

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 3
Jessica starts to dig through her history. Trish uses her platform. Jeri admits she needs help. Dr. Hansen rears her head. Foggy appears!

On Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 3, “AKA Sole Survivor,” Trish gets her life controlled in the hopes of protecting her by almost every person in her life, while Jessica realizes that the experimentation done to her might not necessarily mean what she originally thought. Jeri’s illness finally debilitates her abilities at work and she has to reach out to Jessica, their solitary aligning them in solidarity as they both attempt to keep their names in the adrift world. A woman claiming to be Dr. Hansen tells Jessica story about her past, as well as singing a different song about IGH.

Goodbye, Simpson

Jessica’s past can’t seem to stop chasing her, as she and Trish deposit Simpson’s body in a place where memories of her life are fragmented, being held together by loose threads. Though he would have been the first one to understand, as Trish points out, Simpson’s death is a loss, even if it the audience didn’t have time to familiarize themselves with him again; the message was clear in what he was attempting to do and that resonates clearly enough to be a threat and a promise from the monster who killed him.

The Unopened Door

Hypnosis is introduced, though proving that not all patients are susceptible to it, specifically ones prone to the sharp wit and glaring glances of cynicism. As Jessica attempts to rebuild her past, Jeri’s present begins to collapse around her, the denial of her spreading sickness forcing her out of her job and the world she has grown so comfortable in and has built so tirelessly. Jessica’s demolishing present is waiting when she gets home too, an eviction notice hanging on her door, followed by another unpleasant and yet somehow laced with hidden meaning of an interaction with her super, Oscar. At the same time, in the only defined relationship of the show, Trish and Griffin deal with the repercussions of Trish pursuing a lead and of Griffin realizing that he is the one who’s being left worried, something he might not be all that comfortable with, and Trish realizes that, while she might not be a target, he might definitely be, something she definitely is not comfortable with.

Help for Jeri

An appearance of Foggy! The Marvel regular, a Daredevil favorite, took a job at Jeri’s firm, still with the desperate want to help others, extending it to Jeri, whose cold backlash to him still does not alter his mind; his hope to help her remains, knowing that, despite what she says, that everyone needs help, persistent in his hope that Jeri will have to accept it from someone, even if it isn’t him. Much like Jessica, Jeri is willing to sit in her trouble with her own stubbornness than accept or admit they need help.

The Doctor and the Skull

A creepy dream ends with Jessica attempting to open the door the hypnotist spoke of, but being stopped by the monster that seems to trail her even when she’s asleep. As Malcolm digs up on the super’s past, breaking a hole in his bubble of perfection that he portrays, Jessica returns to the dreaded hospital of IGH and the possibly answer-filled door she saw in her dream, but finds a name instead. The doctor on the door results in the finding of a skull in the incinerator, which seems to be widening the circle of death that surrounds both IGH and Jessica.

Quite possibly the laziest and most unaware and unassuming morgue attendant imaginable, he offers Trish the inside scoop on the head for a ticket to something she used to advertise on her show. The most grating thing to Trish, it seems, is that people keep trying to tell her who and what to be, specifically who to be on her radio show. Everyone around her seems to believe they can do what she does better, or that her going back to talking about the more trivial things will make the scarier things disappear. The grating feeling is the same with Jeri, whose demands are slightly different from Trish’s, but she’s still commandeering her life in a way that someone else wants it.

A Budding Romance?

Another laced conversation between Oscar and Jessica seems to even further foreshadow a tête-à-tête, though this chat ends with her trying to make amends and him trying to seemingly disassociate himself from her in any way possible. Both outlaws in their own way, Oscar and Jessica seem predestined to keep running into each other, purposefully or not, and seemingly whether they want to or not. As one relationship seems to begin to establish itself, Trish realizes the place of her and Griffin’s, and the true testament to a journalist is revealed by Griffin, that insatiable need for truth seeming to put him on the track of going against Trish’s wishes just as she seems to have been won over by him, affirmed by Jessica’s findings, or lack thereof.

Jeri Reaches Out

Jeri and Jessica are reunited, one stubborn woman going to another, finding solace in the other. Jeri’s admission that she has spent her life amassing control is ironic because of her body immediately stripping all that from her; solitary being her choice, she has only her name, something Jessica can relate to, both only having their names and what they do to stand on, despite their reputations being very different. Without saying so in so many words, Jessica accepts Jeri’s case.

Hansen Appears… or Does She?

Trish hears the voice of the doctor through her show, the one whose head was presumed in the incinerator, and Jessica meets with her instead, purposefully tying up Trish through the press and, while believing to be helping her, being another person that is dictating her sister’s life. Malcolm and Trish again thrown together, they themselves seeming quite comfortable with one another, that protective streak from Malcolm extending from last episode to a seeming burgeoning of something else. The quiet curiosity of Griffin seems to hint at the potentiality for betrayal and deception, and Malcolm and Trish seem to keep sharing intimate moments, protectiveness going both ways.

Meanwhile, the alleged Dr. Hansen explains that IGH might be doing just what Jeri is attempting to do, and that is keep their name and reputation. Dr. Hansen seems to allude to the fact that Jessica wasn’t the prime candidate for IGH, she was the miracle patient of IGH. And it seems like Jessica has met her match, a woman who is, for the first time, just like her, a mother figure in the way of superpowers. The fascination with Trish, just as Simpson predicted, seems to be evident in the behavior of the alleged Hansen woman, whose momentary freezing at the sight of Trish results in the perfect moment to seize the image of her by the nearby paparazzi. The monster might not be exactly what Jessica thought at all.


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What did you think of Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 3? Is the alleged Dr. Hansen the monster? Has Jessica finally figured out why she seems to always have a death wish, or is there more to the story? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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