Marvel’s Jessica Jones: AKA Freak Accident (Season 2 Episode 2)

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 2
The monster appears. An old character resurges. Jessica and Trish are forced to have the ugly and harsh realities of the world reiterated to them.

On Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 2, “AKA Freak Accident,” Jessica tries to discover what exactly led to her powers and her family’s deaths. Trish has to confront her past in a different way, forcing her to reconcile with tragedies that she, like Jessica, has pushed into the back of her mind, but something that has profoundly affected her. Simpson’s reappearance results in a wider understanding of the monster that threatens Trish, Jessica, and the truth. The sisters realize that, despite the isolated paths they took to get there, they are once again together. 

The Freak

In her normal spot at a bar, she finds her mind wandering to the hospital and the visions it provides. Attempting to find some kind of peace, she calls Trish to no avail and finds a sex companion to no avail (the line about one of them being close was easily one of the more hilarious and relatable lines). The label affixed to her, “freak,” Jessica gets a call from Malcolm, who offers a promising lead into her “freak” past. Her outfit choices finally blending in with her surroundings, Jessica realizes that a lead is now a dead-end. Trish’s mother explains a lot of her ranging emotional complexity, and the endearingly protective way Jessica is around her. Even the small interaction with her mother explains Trish’s need for the constant need for space from her.

Great Mental Illness

Jessica’s pursuit entails the resurgence of a former character, Simpson, whose life seems to have spiraled far out of control, and her search inevitably leads her back to Whizzer. Whizzer inverts the Spider-Man adage and declares that: “With great power, comes great mental illness”. A declarative statement and one that arranges that Jessica’s predispositions might not be from just a bad past or tragedy; the superpower might truly be her curse. Add a dash of her unfriendliness to the mix and it causes some serious friction with the super in her building, which seems to result in unpleasantness, but the promise seems to be somehow that will turn into something else later on.

Trish’s Tragedy

Meanwhile, Trish visits a director named Max, exposing her past in the same way Jessica is reliving hers, forcing her to confront old demons and simultaneously address real world issues that have been in the public spotlight of Hollywood. By fleshing out Trish, she has become more than a survivor and, in her own way, has become independent of Jessica, both of them suffering and trying to help one another without always knowing the right way to do it. It seems to also allow a further understanding of her hatred of her full name, as it was a shedding of the past. Both of the sisters want to do more than just survive, and so they both confront the ugliness existing in their past in order to do it, Trish through a visit and Jessica through the photographs of her parents’ accident.

Trish’s Real Family

Much like Jessica, Malcolm’s protective spirit of Trish has the true ring of family, something that they three seem to have found themselves as. Trish’s only true family by blood, her mother, acts as a seemingly disparaging influence on her life, one that seems to be festering in all of their lives, including Jessica’s, who winds up kicking in her door. Just as Jessica and Trish’s lives try to attempt to be put together again, Jeri takes a step back from her mindless frivolity in order to reassess her own and finds herself grasping at straws.

Simpson’s Resurgence

Rather than finding Trish in need of being saved, as she so adamantly denies needing and seemingly proves, Jessica finds an open door by way of Simpson. His monologue to Trish and Jess about being a monster, seeing himself as a murderer, he being the only thing befitting enough to fight a monster, reflects on the issues deep within Jessica herself, the resounding after effect of Kilgrave within the two of them. In order to face his demons, in order to keep protecting Trish, he is forced to face a literal one. Despite believing he was protecting her, the circle of death that seemingly surrounds Trish and Jessica continues to get bigger. And the monster remains at large, drawing and creating the circle of death.


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What did you think of Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 2? Clearly another super, why are these specifically chosen deaths so important to the monster? Is the monster the same person responsible for Jessica’s family’s deaths? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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