Marvel’s Jessica Jones: AKA Playland (Season 2 Episode 13)

Jessica and Alisa go on the run. Trish makes a definitive choice. Jessica has to figure out who she is now, with her self-made family rather than her real one. Trish might finally be special. Malcolm and Jeri move on with their lives.

On Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 13, “AKA Playland,” Jessica finally comes around to Alisa’s plan, just in time for Alisa to realize that might not be the optimal choice anymore. As one mother recognizes that her daughter has to go on, Dorothy seems to put her claws deeper into Trish, whose world has become entirely different and who makes a choice that permanently ostracizes Jessica. As the sisters separate, seemingly permanently, the two of them have to find their own family, Jessica finding it with Oscar and Vido and Trish finding it with her mother again.

Alisa’s Plan

The worst sound to wake up to must be duct tape ripping. Alisa offers up a life of being a duo, despite it not seeming all that tempting to Jessica. At the same time, Trish finally wakes up, responding to Patsy. Despite Trish wanting to help Jessica, Dorothy forces her to realize that they are both just human, though there is still a wonder if that is somewhat debatable, given what Trish went through. In the same vein, Alisa tries to force Jessica to realize that they are both special and that they are the answer to each other’s problems. Despite that joining her mother will unite her own sense of self, it means abandoning her life in New York and her life with the people she has come to love.

The Wreck

Almost as a callback to how they became who they are, Alisa and Jessica run into a family that has been in a horrific car accident. Teaming up, the exact thing Alisa has been trying to get Jessica to do, they are able to help them, saving the lives of everyone who was involved in the accident, and causing Jessica to recognize that she doesn’t want to be without her mother. The accident, both reminiscent of their own and indicative of Jessica’s choice, has brought up a revelation that losing her mother once was hard enough to bear. Agreeing to go with Alisa comes paired with a confrontation with Oscar, which means that Jessica has to admit that she is foregoing her life in New York, a life that involved him. Without even realizing it, Oscar has led the NYPD to them and Jessica seems to solidify her wish to be on her own with her mom, alienating Oscar. Despite her admitting how isolated she has felt without her mother, she is still shrouded in that idea of isolationism, purely because now she has to spend her time on the run, in order to remain with her mother. Rather than being alone and having a makeshift family out of friends, she and her mother are now truly and utterly alone.

Malcolm’s Arc

In order to do what’s right for himself, something that is no longer a debate the way it is with Trish and Jessica, Malcolm becomes a finer version of himself, the complete antithesis to how he began a season prior. He teams up with Jeri, whose character arc has also lead her to a place of turning her life around. Despite what they have both been through, Jeri and Malcolm have reached the conclusion that they are not bad people, despite others trying to convince them of that. Jeri and Malcolm as the new duo act as a formidable foe; Jeri puts her colleagues in their place with his information but Malcolm realizes he has to find a new outlet in order to be appreciated, a running theme for him this season.

Alisa’s Heroism Was Jessica

As Alisa plans the next idea for them as the superhero duo, she realizes that she is going to be the reason that her daughter suffers, the exact opposite of everything she’s ever wanted to be. Trish and Jessica’s connection being the most viable option, Costa visits Trish in an attempt to figure out answers and to facilitate a change in Jessica, one that could still save her; both Costa and Trish are looking for ways to get Jessica out of the situation, in the same way that Alisa seems to be too, now that she realizes the damage she’s caused. Alisa makes a choice and the two of them find themselves on a carousel again, the old memory revisited, but in a totally new light. Alisa realizes her heroism was making Jessica, not being the monster that she became.

Trish’s Choice

In a brash attempt at always wanting to be the hero, Trish takes Alisa’s life, leaving Jessica without a choice as to what to do next and enacting yet another standoff between the Jones women and Trish. Even though Trish saved Jessica, the picture that is able to be painted is Jessica given the credit of killing Alisa, claiming that title of hero because of the monster she destroyed. With time passing, she seems to have taken over the hero title quite well, despite it being in her own way. Now fractured, she and Trish are no longer the people they once were, with Jessica severing the ties of sisterhood. Then again, they might have more in common now. Trish seems almost too agile for just a normal businesswoman. Is she finally what she always wanted to be? If she becomes more self-righteous than she was before, she might become even more intolerable. As Jessica starts her life over, without Trish and Malcolm, and now with Oscar and Vido rather than alone, it becomes clear that her world will be different, but that family has come to mean something entirely different to her. Just as she always had, she has to make her own way, and that means in defining a life for herself. 


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