Marvel’s Jessica Jones: AKA Pray for My Patsy (Season 2 Episode 12)

The Jones mother-daughter duo is forced to split. The Walker mother-daughter duo is forced to come together. Jeri pulls a trick on the ones that did it to her. Trish hits a flat line.

On Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 12, “AKA Pray for My Patsy,” motherly love takes on a whole new meaning. Jessica deals with her mother, while Trish’s mother reenters hers, always there in a crisis but not much else. The mothers have striking similarities, their main one doing what they believe is right for their daughters, regardless of their daughters’ opinions or seemingly the cost. Jeri pulls some clever manipulation of her own.

Real Family

The news that Trish may not wake up is a fearful new reality, especially because it means Jessica and Dorothy will be family, despite it not necessarily being what either of them want. At the same time, Jessica’s real mother is still terrorizing New York, in search of who knows what. Jessica’s allegiance might have shifted to Trish, but she recognizes that her mother is still her problem, and has to be dealt with. Alisa’s hatred of Trish premeditates that a decision will have to be made by Jessica: choosing between her new, adopted family and her old, blood family.

A Mother’s Burden

Both mothers, Dorothy Walker and Alisa Jones, are trying to right the wrongs that have been done to their family. In an attempt to hold together their families, they themselves hang on by a thread. In the same vein, Jeri herself is being held together by a thread, trying to pull together the pieces of her old life in an attempt at regrouping. Alisa regroups herself, despite being so close to killing Trish, when Jessica begs her not to take her family again, defining that line of family with Trish. Alisa takes yet another life, causing the peace between Jessica and Dorothy and Jessica and the cops to be short-lived. Jessica and Trish’s peace is short-lived too, as they confront one another, Trish’s jealousy at Jessica and Jessica’s rage at her inability to be courageous in the way that Trish seems fit.

Jeri Uses Inez

The confrontations are endless, culminating with Jeri and Inez. The confusion and love between the characters is a swirling of emotions, similar to every character in the show currently. All the women of the show are grappling with truths and fictions that they’d been told or sold. Jeri facilitates a meeting with Inez that takes out the man that did this to her without her doing any of the work herself, manipulating Inez in a similar way that she had been before, and in a way that Jeri herself was manipulated.

Jessica Can’t Do It

Trish reaches out to Dorothy, seemingly for the first time, though not the first time this season. Anytime Trish is in a crisis, she goes back to her mother, despite all that she has done to her. As Trish goes through Exorcist-like convulsions due to whatever it is that Karl did to her, the Jones mother-daughter superhero team meet up for an intended-to-be final confrontation. Alisa tells Jessica that she sees hope in her daughter, a hope for a revival of who she was and who she could be, and realizes that her daughter is the answer to melting her anger. But just as Jeri manipulates Inez, Alisa uses that information to manipulate Jessica; preying on her emotions as a daughter who has lost her mother, she uses to get the upper hand. Because, just like Trish, despite all that her mother has done, Jessica has a weakness for her. The blood of family wins out, even when they don’t want it to.


As Jeri’s justice comes full circle, Jessica isn’t able to do the same for herself and for the city at large. Despite wanting to do what is right by their daughters, both mothers, on some level, are failing, unable to set aside their own dreams for the women they raised and unable to accept the reality in front of them. Neither believing themselves to be the villains of their daughters’ lives, both women have done irreparable damage, all in the name of their daughters. Mama Jones and Mama Walker might have more in common than either thought or ever intended, also answering the question as to why their daughters act as the balm to one another. If emotional manipulation is their key, their hope seems to be to lock their daughters in. But the question remains: what else will it cost Jessica and Trish?


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What did you think of Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 12? Will Alisa get away with her crimes? Will anyone care that Jessica is gone? Does Trish have to die to activate her superpowers? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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