Marvel’s Jessica Jones: AKA Pork Chop (Season 2 Episode 10)

Jessica tries to do what’s right. Trish continues to do what’s wrong. Jeri gets used. Malcolm gets knocked out. Karl gets a spotlight on him. Alisa gets abused. And a choice defines Jessica.

On Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 10, “AKA Pork Chop,” Alisa’s jailing becomes the focal point, Jessica realizing she has to choose her blood family over her adopted one. Trish’s lust for the story overcomes her, taking the space of the inhaler. Despite her not taking the drug anymore, she still has the same erratic, unhelpful, and uncooperative behavior streak. Karl and Malcolm become pawns in the ever-moving chess game that has become their lives. Jeri is forced to realize she was a pawn in someone else’s game. 

Alisa’s Imprisonment

Jutted into prison, this time without the one in shackles being Jessica, Alisa faces an entirely different set of circumstances than every other inmate in the prison, purely because she is powered. Her constitutional rights are stripped because of her powers, and so she has limited opportunity, and is thereby seen as “less than” by the constitution and the ones that protect it. The hard tone at the beginning clearly indicates the kind of episode it’s going to be. Alisa faces an opportunity to not go to the Raft, to remain in isolation 23 hours a day, in exchange for the information on Karl, which remains her only holdout. Despite Karl not being her true family, that being offered to her as leverage in obtaining the information, she isn’t willing to jeopardize his safety in exchange for a relationship with her daughter.

The Adopted Family

As the idea of family is rearranged, the team of Alias comes back together, the two sisters and Malcolm finally coming to meet each other in the face of honesty, though Malcolm’s disgust at them both is overwhelming. However, Trish and Jessica finally see one another as they are, and recognize that their paths don’t determine their futures but, in order to have a future, they have to make it for themselves. Malcolm’s realization that they can’t use each other to fill the holes that drugs left behind, the ones in their souls, further isolates Trish. In her own form of self-punishment, Jessica isolates herself purposefully, from Trish and then tries to from Oscar, but he is the only one who doesn’t allow it.

Trish realizes the extent of her damage when she figures out just what was in the inhaler, and just what it can actually do to her, something she didn’t bother figuring out before taking the drug. Seeming back to herself, she has finally begun caring about what is going on with and around her. As Trish becomes more herself, Jeri realizes she has to do something better with her second chance, with her opportunity at a new life. Her attempt to convince Jessica to see Karl in a different light is almost aligned with an already in motion plan with Jessica and Alisa, whose memory-riddled conversation means more to them than anyone else listening.

Trish Gets Told

Two different kinds of family intersect when Trish makes the foolhardy decision to visit Alisa, who reveals some truths about Trish, even down to her why she was so determined to pursue IGH and even so incentivized to take the inhaler. Just as Alisa predicted, when Trish forces Jessica to try to choose between the two, Jessica chooses to keep Trish out of it and to remain loyal to her mother, despite that it means, on some level, that she’s helping Karl. Trish’s dependency then predictably shifts, from the drug to Jessica to Malcolm; unable to stand on her own, she has to find someone or something to latch onto and, without anything, she is untethered, floating without purpose.

Jeri Gets Told, But in a Nicer Way

Jessica’s continuing opinion of herself comes into full focus when she realizes that Oscar does want to be a part of her life. Her opinion of Jeri comes into even sharper focus when she makes the choice to tell Jeri what she has learned from Karl, and that the healer and Inez are both frauds; her claiming that Jeri doesn’t deserve what they are doing to her, how they are taking advantage of her, showcases a very dignified and refined appreciation for Jeri, one that has not ordinarily been so comfortably declared from Jessica before. Her usual response is vengeful anger, one that she is able to control and refine in order to figure out how best to handle her mother’s new attacker.

Trish’s New Drug

Trish and Malcolm agree over that Karl being out in existence is frustrating, but Trish’s nonstop obsession with it is more like the drug than anything else, refusing to be deterred and even roping Malcolm into helping her, believing their cause to be the right one, not even listening to or being aware of Jessica. Trish’s hellbent determination has become the real drug that she has clung to, tying back to Alisa’s conversation about how she’s so upset about not being enough or powered, and that has fueled her in every way.

Jeri’s Emptied-Out Rock Bottom

Jeri has to learn that Jessica was right and lose all of the things she has worked so hard for in at the same time. In a harrowing scene, Jeri recognizes, for the first time, she has been outsmarted and outplayed, the only thing she has ever worked for taken from her and, at the same time, meaning the ultimate failure of herself, which is that she will lose her name too because she has not been healed. Ultimately, in one scene, she realizes she has nothing.

Jessica the Killer, Trish the Real Nightmare

As Jessica pursues the cop attacking her mother in order to figure out his innermost secrets, Trish goes after Karl and ends up stuffing Malcolm in the trunk of the car, her mission clear, proving that both Jones women have been right this episode. Her unending crusade proves that she’s on a mission to be more than just remain the pathetic co-dependent woman she is afraid to admit that she is. Despite Jessica has been trying to convince herself that she isn’t a killer, she is forced to realize she now might be one, adding the cop to the body count.


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