Marvel’s Jessica Jones: AKA Start at the Beginning (Season 2 Episode 1)

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 1
Jessica meets Whizzer. Trish realizes she has to pursue this story. Jeri realizes she might be the real ticking time bomb. Jessica is forced to confront the evil that has been buried inside her.

On Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 1, “AKA Start at the Beginning,” Jessica realizes she herself has to go back to her start in order to figure out what her future means. Rather than ignoring her beginning, what led her to be the angry heavy drinker “superhero vigilante” she is today, she has to reconcile it in order to be better and to do better. To become her own version of hero, she has to acknowledge that there is, in fact, a monster and that it isn’t her. The surprise is that the monster is also IGH and a literal one. Our sarcasm-wielding heroine has been missed!

A Vigilante Superhero and Patsy

The noir narrator and unemotional Jessica Jones has returned! Back to her detective duties and endless sarcasm to accompany it, she finds herself to be immediately named “a vigilante superhero”, the very dichotomy she is trying to figure out herself, as she fits neither label. Seemingly a sleuth herself, the sister of Jessica Jones, Trish seems to have taken on her own duality, singing at a children’s party as Patsy in order to obtain something. In order for both of women to go on, they have to go back, and they have to be true to who they are, to Jessica and Trish being good detectives and good people.

The Titles of Women

Her mental opening up is more difficult for her to do than anything physical; her powers aren’t a guarantee of her understanding herself. As the title “vigilante superhero” follows her everywhere, the defining characteristic of a life becomes a shift of focus as Jeri recognizes that she is a woman and that the title of that defines her more so than anything else, in a different way than it defines Jessica. In almost the same vein, Trish is being forced back into her title as a more charismatic and less serious face of the news, talking about frivolous things rather than serious ones. Tying into the title, they are being boiled down to their beginning titles: Jessica as nothing more than a vigilante superhero, Jeri as nothing more than a woman who wants to be better but isn’t allowed, and Trish as nothing more than a pretty face with prettier opinions.

As a fellow PI threatens to put Alias Investigations out of business and Trish brings her family’s ashes to Jessica, she realizes that she might not have the handle on her life she so desperately craves, mainly because she has nowhere to drown her past anymore. As a PI, an integral part of her personality, far more so than being a “vigilante superhero”, as this was something she chose and the other was not, her understanding of the truth is integral.

Jessica’s Law vs. The Law

Acting as the antithesis of most superheroes, Jessica is on the opposite side of the law, not acting as the one who is working outside the law but rather one who is at the mercy of it because of her issues. Trish and her boyfriend, who runs the show her boss is such a big fan of, live in the eyes of the world, their celebrity blossoming just as Jessica disappears deeper into her own recesses. A familiar face comes back from season one, Simpson reappearing in Trish’s rearview, a threatening of a time long since past, in the same way that she keeps doing the same to Jessica.

Whizzer’s Truth

A potential client, also another special named Whizzer, forces her to face her problems, and reinforces some of her old ones, as he proves she might be the only one and simultaneously destroys her family’s ashes, while creating his own. Her reputation scattering to pieces, Jessica is forced to realize that the seriousness of her issues might be harder to ignore than originally thought. Along the same lines, Jeri learns news, despite it being unknown to the viewer, as something that is now harder to ignore than she originally intended.

IGH’s Monster

Jessica’s grief comes full circle, through her family and this new extended family she’s found in the specials and in Whizzer, realizing she’s not exactly alone and that she has to dig through the old to find new answers. The pursuit for truth, like a lot of women in the Marvel franchise, might lend a helping hand, just as Trish wanted. With just Malcolm acting as sidekick and her primary focus in being alone in this quest, Jessica’s memory regurgitates something in the abandoned remnants of IGH, the promise of an upcoming monster. And the promise that Jessica is going to pursue the monster and the truth.


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What did you think of Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 1? Who is this monster? What else is IGH hiding? And how many more supers are out there? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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