Exclusive Interview With Dead of Summer’s Amber Coney

I recently had the opportunity to interview to lovely Amber Coney, whose character Cricket just bit the dust, or rather the bear trap, this week on Freeform’s Dead of Summer.

A young girl with severe self-esteem issues that were only heightened by her family, Cricket was the character many of us reached out to and related with, so her death came as quite a horrible shock.

While Amber Coney may be done with Dead of Summer Season 1, or so she says, she teased a few secrets from the rest of the season, and she reaffirmed that should the show be picked up for Season 2, she will be a regular cast member, but there will be a twist.

Amber Coney - photo credit to Lesley BryceWhat drew you to the character of Cricket? Were you aware of quite how low her self-esteem issues sank when you signed on for the pilot?

Coney: I was intrigued initially because of what the pilot script teased about her, that how she presented herself on the outside wasn’t necessarily how she felt internally. Because I had only read episode 1 when I signed on for the pilot, I was not aware of exactly how deep her lack of self-confidence went, so it was a interesting and gratifying to me to find out exactly how low those issues sank.

Will there be secrets answered this season about Camp Stillwater’s demonic history? What can you tease about that?

Coney: Of course! The mystery will unravel more and more as the series progresses. All I can say is, don’t trust anybody. One or more characters that you know and love might not turn out to be who you think they are.

Hope for Season 2?

Coney: Absolutely! I would love to revisit this project for a second season. We would all be playing different characters during a different era, which sounds incredible to me, so fingers crossed!

You can read the full interview over at UntitledTV!

(Photo credit to Lesley Bryce.)

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