How to Get Away with Murder Review: I’m Not Her (Season 4 Episode 2)

In a world full of injustice and hatred, Annalise helps defend her friend from being charged with prostitution, again, and the case actually leads to results that will lighten your heart.

On How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 2, the Keating 4 begins seeking prospects for potential internships and some soar while others falter. Meanwhile, Bonnie has a new job that will certainly lead to some tough decisions in regards to Annalise and what’s left of their friendship.

Michaela and Asher

These two have really grown together as a couple, and it’s so interesting to watch. Who would have thought that Michaela and Asher would have the most stable relationship on this series? That they would have a relationship at all? And as we saw during the confrontation with Simon as Asher lost his cool, Michaela was able to calm him down and help bring him back down to reality. It’s sweet and endearing to see that amid all of the murders, lies, and betrayal, Annalise picking these students led to something good, too.

And while Michaela may be the only one of the four to soar and receive internship offers, Asher doesn’t seem the type to be overwhelmed with jealousy because his boo is succeeding in life. That doesn’t mean this won’t have its problems; Michaela being brought in on Laurel’s mission is going to strain this relationship, especially if Laurel doesn’t want Michaela to tell him about it. Would she go behind her friend’s back to tell her any way?

Laurel and Connor

These two seem to be on a downward spiral this season. While Connor genuinely didn’t receive any internship offers at all (which isn’t too surprising considering he doesn’t really seem eager to continue down his law school path anymore), Laurel did. Except Laurel failed to show up to actually receive any internships. She’s too busy being consumed by revenge and hatred on her mission to take down her father. Where’s Emily Thorne when you need her?

Will Connor actually step away from the path he’s on? He should; he doesn’t seem eager whatsoever to continue law school, and while the premise of the show is these law students following in Annalise’s footsteps, it’s time to break away from that. Leading Connor away and into one of his other interests could help spice up the show, or he could be written off altogether. Let’s face it: without Oliver, would anyone even really care about Connor? He doesn’t do much except complain about having Annalise in his life and what that’s led him and his friends to do.

Annalise and Bonnie

I think most of us can admit Bonnie has always been one of the worst characters on this show, and this season is no different. It’s somehow even worse with Bonnie’s distaste for Annalise and the lacking loyalty she’s shown in previous seasons. That loyalty was the only thing that made her character bearable, and now we’re going to see Bonnie vs. Annalise going forward because of where their relationship is at and because of their jobs.

Bonnie is the new Assistant District Attorney; meaning she and Annalise will be fighting against each other on upcoming cases, and Bonnie may become culpable in the overwhelming plot to take down Annalise. Just because she got out of prison doesn’t mean Annalise is in the clear. Especially with the baby going missing and the flash-forward scenes pointing to Annalise as the suspect behind the newborn’s kidnapping.

Any way, back to Annalise in the present. Her case in this episode brought up questions about her past and her childhood, but it also was the catalyst for How to Get Away with Murder to tackle the Black Lives Matter movement and this show is the perfect vehicle to do so. With Viola Davis as the lead and many other black actors and characters on this show, and the setting of the courtroom and the characters being lawyers, these characters can fight for true justice and bring attention to the discrimination and injustice haunting the everyday world.

Annalise is getting her life back on track and hopefully she devotes herself to cases like these, like her friend’s, that bring light to the issues in the justice system and the unfairness that plagues verdicts everywhere. The writers made great strides to include the narrative in the episode’s, so going forward it’ll be interesting to see the other ways they do so.


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