How to Get Away with Murder Review: No More Blood (Season 3 Episode 8)

With Mahoney’s son’s new alibi, the whole team comes together to try and prove that Wes is innocent, while Frank comes in handy, and Connor is an asshole as usual.

How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 8, “No More Blood,” deals with just that: how to get away with murder.

Since Mahoney’s son has a concrete alibi, Wes is under investigation again. As the Keating Five focus on making sure that Wes doesn’t go to jail, Frank’s creepy ass returns and stirs some deep conversations between Wes and Laurel, resulting in them coming out of this mess stronger as a couple (and being SO CUTE, I swear they want me to die).

Annalise, being very supportive of said couple, is not teaching, so the kids are let loose to deal with the threats on their own.

She forbid Frank from entering her house, or she would “kill him,” and everyone took it very seriously. Annalise not teaching felt very weird, and the fact that she wasn’t the one defending Wes in his trial was so strange. Even if she was really sick, she would never leave Wes’ fate in someone else’s hands. Mamma Bear protects her cubs, no matter what

Romance-wise, the episode was pretty packed between Wes and Laurel getting stronger by the second, Michaela starting to open up to Asher, and Connor and Oliver continuously hooking up and nastily breaking up again.

Laurel clearly is struggling between Wes and Frank, but she’s ending her chapter with Frank given the circumstances. Even though he seems really desperate to get her back, more as a toy than a girlfriend. Creeping into her bedroom to watch her and making her a declaration didn’t work obviously.

Watching Laurel stand up for herself both to Frank and Annalise was very gratifying.

One thing Frank was useful for was making sure Wes got out of his trial scar-free.

He escalated a plan to plant evidence that would undoubtedly convict Mahoney’s son. After that, he showed up to Annalise’s door begging her to forgive him for making her lose her baby. When she refused (duh!), he pulled out a gun and put it to his chin, crying. Bonnie then showed up and screamed at him not to do it while Annalise yelled at him to go through with it.

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Can we talk about how amazing that scene was? All three of those actors put their soul into that scene, and you could feel the desperation and pain from each of them.

In the flash-forward, Connor is revealed to be alive, waking up in the bed of Oliver’s Grindr date, Thomas. He is such an ass for so many reasons, but the way he treats Oliver is horrible. Given that Oliver called him damaged though, it’ll be amazing if they ever work this out.

We will find out who is #underthesheet next week in the winter finale, but the answer seems pretty obvious. Either Frank pulled the trigger or Annalise killed him out of rage and covered it up by setting her own house on fire.

Though this show is all about shocks and twists.

It could also still be Nate, but that would make no sense whatsoever, we haven’t seen him with Annalise in weeks.

Or, the writers tricked us and it is one of the characters we think are safe.

In the promo for next week, we see Wes light a match, but for them to reveal who started the fire in the promo is way too easy.

How to Get Away with Murder returns Thursday at 10/9c on ABC!

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