How To Get Away With Murder Review: Call It Mother’s Intuition (Season 3 Episode 7)

Love, betrayal, secrets, and family were intricately laced, for better or for worse. Will the Keating Five make it out of this spiderweb alive? Who will lose his life trying?

On How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 Episode 7, the three main themes of the show (love, betrayal, and murder) were all over the place.

Wes and Laurel are keeping their relationship secret for now and seem really happy in their honeymoon phase bubble. They had the cutest pillow talk ever, and when Laurel woke up in the flash-forward, the first thing she did was ask about Wes. To Meggie. Awkward, but I melted.

Or was she warning them about Wes?

On the getting away with murder front, Laurel took charge this week and completely nailed this abusive, overbearing mother trying to put her children in jail for her attempted murder to the floor. Revolving mainly around strong female characters is one of the many reasons this show is so powerful.

Another reason is the way it deals with sensitive subjects. Whether it is race, LGBTQ+ issues, or, in this case, HIV. We know that Oliver was tested positive, but we had yet to see how this impacted him in his daily life other than his relationship with Connor. The answer is, as you probably guessed, a dramatic impact.

His Tinder date was cute, so they got naked.

After giving himself a very true and very touching pep talk, he told his partner, who basically took off as fast as he could. That was a tough blow for Oliver who got drunk and ran back to Connor, and they ended up having sex in Michaela’s bed. Ew.

It’s rare to see such a subject treated with sensitivity through a human angle, rather than a medical one.

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As far as betrayals are concerned, Annalise submitted herself to the Keating Five complains. Or shall we say the Keating Four? While the others were blaming her for choices they made –some of them were legit, but Michaela saying she made her sleep with Caleb?! Girl, I love you, but stop reaching – Wes stayed silent.

When Mamma Bear asked if he had something to say, his very enigmatic response stunned her for a few seconds. But if we think about it, this whole ‘I’m mad at you’ thing could very well be part of the plan we don’t know about yet.

Another clue that could support this theory is the very last scene, AKA the second part of the flash-forward: WES IS ALIVE!!!!

He is at the precinct, surely the same one Annalise was brought to, signing papers that apparently give her over to the police and free himself. Why would Wes turn himself in? Why would he help or want to bring Annalise down?

We are beginning to think that the fire, Annalise’s arrest, and Wes’ immunity deal are all linked and part of a major plan. Is it just Wes’ plan, though? Or could whoever died in the fire have been in on it?

Last but not least, Frank came back home. After a quick stop at Laurel’s place, and hearing her and Wes have sex (did somebody say awkward?), he stopped by to see Bonnie, who kicked him out like the badass she is.

So… Who’s under this freaking sheet? We are down to Connor, Frank, and Nate with two episodes to go until we get answers. It’s so close we can almost taste it.

How To Get Away With Murder returns Thursday at 8/7c on ABC!

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