How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 7 Preview: Mutiny

With two episodes left until the deadly reveal, we still have a few suspects left, and we all know Annalise’s house is the place where good intentions go to die, so really, the murderer and victim could be anyone. Who do you think it is?

How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 7, “Call It Mother’s Intuition,” promises to reveal a traitor from the Keating 5. How much do you want to bet that traitor is Connor?

He’s spent every episode since Sam’s death resenting Annalise for the terrible that she’s done, and the terrible things that his involvement with her and the rest of the Keating 5 have made him done. Like, I don’t know, covering up a murder or two.

There’s only four suspects left for the man under the sheet: Wes, Connor, and Nate. Who is it? Whoever it is, Annalise would need a motive, and by the police’s definition, what would her motive be to kill Connor? They don’t know of his involvement in the many deaths and personal attacks in Annalise Keating’s life.

Wes could be outed as her shooter and that could be explained as motive to kill. And Nate, obviously their relationship ended badly, so that could be considered a motive. But why would Nate and Laurel be alone in Annalise’s house? And, if Annalise called all of the group to meet except for Michaela, then Wes is the prime suspect for the person under the sheet. Would they really kill him off, though?

It’s about time the Keating 5 tell Annalise what is really on their minds, though. She’s made their lives hell, and involved them in so many scandals and lies that their futures could be ruined if only one of those is revealed. The built-up tension between them all has grown dry, and blowing up on each other from time to time doesn’t accurately paint the portrait of how dysfunctional this group is.

I guess only time will tell where they go from here.

How to Get Away with Murder continues Thursday at 10/9c on ABC.

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