How To Get Away With Murder Review: Don’t Tell Annalise (Season 3 Episode 4)

Another character was revealed survive the fire at Annalise’s house on the night that she’s booked by police and taken into custody as a suspect. So far the survivors are Oliver, Bonnie, and Laurel. Who’s next, and who’s dead?

How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 Episode 4, “Don’t Tell Annalise,” delivered the two biggest bombshells of the season so far. One, that Laurel is the survivor found in the wreckage and fire of Annalise’s house, and two, that she’s pregnant.

Who’s the baby daddy? That depends on how far along she is. Seeing as the the time difference between the events of this episode and the fire were only four weeks apart, it seems likely that she’s pregnant from an affair over the summer.

Unless her and Frank hook up in the next episode, being four weeks pregnant doesn’t seem like a vital issue when trying to save Laurel’s life, as horrible as that sounds. The baby would have to be further along for the doctors to be as worried as they are.

Plus, does Laurel really want to have a baby with Frank? She loves him, but there’s so much about him that she doesn’t know, and he’s a killer. He killed Bonnie’s father, granted he’s a disgusting pedophile, and Lila, and so many others. Why was he in prison, and how did Annalise and Sam save him?

After two seasons of nefarious acts, Annalise’s karma is catching up with her, and she’s not taking it lightly. Her license has been suspended by someone on Middleton’s board to get her out of her tenure and out of career. Could this same person be responsible for the flyers that were posted around campus in How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 Episode 1?

And poor, misguided Bonnie. For the first time, she took charge of a case because she happened to be the only licensed lawyer, but it’s for all the wrong reasons.

A case of child abuse and statutory rape by a teacher lends its hand in Bonnie’s emotional ties being all wrapped up in her past, and leads to her seeking justice for herself through someone else. Her father’s death, at Frank’s hands, probably inspired this as she was forced to remember him as he was, rather than as a pathetic, bed-ridden inmate at a minimum-security prison.

Did Bonnie make the right call? She got their client off, got Asher a win, but at what cost?

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At what point do you go against your client’s wishes, even if those wishes were to land them in prison despite their possible case-winning defense? Bonnie did that because of her emotions, Asher didn’t stand up to her because he’s a spineless fool that doesn’t care about women unless he’s bedding them, and the client had every right to say they’re terrible people.

He stole the money to buy supplies for his unborn child so it didn’t grow up in a life like he had, but now that his teacher and baby momma is going to jail instead of him, his concern was always being a teenage parent. How could he do it alone?

Bonnie didn’t have any right to take the case that far without the client’s permission, and if Annalise hadn’t been so tied up in her own drama again and losing her license because she slapped her pig of a client, she could’ve prevented that from ever happening. She should’ve known that Bonnie taking over a case where the client had been abused by his parents as a child was not a good fit for her, and with Eve in town, she should’ve asked Eve to take over and help run the trial.

How many people will die, or be harmed, because of Annalise and her messy life before the series make its curtain call. Will she be the final victim of the twisted web of lies, deceit, and murder that she’s created?

How To Get Away With Murder continues Thursday at 10/9c on ABC. Watch the trailer for the next episode here!

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