How To Get Away With Murder Review: Always Bet Black (Season 3 Episode 3)

How To Get Away with Murder, “Always Bet Black,” was largely female-centered and can we just say how satisfying it was to see them slay continuously for forty-two minutes. Oh, how many assholes there are in the world, and what a fine kind we encountered on Thursday. Meanwhile, the hunt for a beardless Frank is taken over by Laurel while Connor, Oliver, Asher and Michaela tried to gamble their problems away. Wes is so torn between Laurel and Meggy that it shows. And the biggest shocker is revealed in the last ten minutes, as usual.

How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 Episode 3, as usual, begins with the flash forward. Oliver wipes Annalise’s iPhone clean while she’s brought into the precinct to have her fingerprints and mugshot taken. It looks pretty bad for her.

The president of the university continues to encourage Annalise to keep a low profile, but  her current case prevents her from doing that. The case is one of an escort killer that is really a sexual predator. Very creepy, very gross. He thinks women are his property. Annalise keeps him in place, especially with Michaela appointed first chair. She goes as far as slapping some sense into him when he deserved it but it will catch up with her next episode.

How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 Episode 3 GifLaurel is put on finding Frank duty by Annalise, who sends her to see her father in Florida to help. He’s apparently a tech genius and can track anyone’s phone anywhere. Creepy, right? What’s creepier is that even though Laurel never said anything about Frank to her father, he knew exactly why she was coming because he bugged her phone. Oh, and also, Laurel was kidnapped when she was sixteen and her father refused to pay the ransom. Father of the year, right? 

Meanwhile, Connor, Oliver, Michaela and Asher got their hands on the money their client was planning on using to pay his blackmailer. After Annalise and Bonnie talked him out of it, Michaela took the money and gambled it away, while Connor defended Oliver against a the typical “masc-only” gay man.

Wes doesn’t have a lot of screen time in this episode, and all of it revolves around the love triangle he is in.

He stopped making out with his current girlfriend to answer the phone because Laurel was calling. Meggy noticed that his face lit up when he read the caller’s name and confronted him about it. He denied everything, telling her once again that Laurel was just a friend. It’s hard to tell who he is trying to convince, though. Laurel and Wes need to wake up and realize they are in love before the Wes/Laurel fandom loses their mind. Oh, and he was shirtless half of the time he was on screen.

Back to the flash forward, Bonnie is alive. It’s easy to have mixed feelings about it, but there’s nothing we can do now. More importantly, there was another person inside the house at the time of the fire, and whoever it is, they’re still alive! For now, at least. Any guesses?

Let’s make our own, shall we?

The simple thought that the writers could touch a hair on the heads of the Keating Five is terrifying. Each has their vital importance to the show, the plot, and the heart of each viewer, so let’s not go there yet. At least, until we have a somewhat reliable clue pointing in that direction.

Frank would be a little too obvious if they decide to go down with the whole ‘Karma is a bitch vibe.

Nate would be a good guess. Not crucial to the plot but could affect Annalise enough to make her storyline progress. He also could easily be in the house at all times.

We’re five episodes away from answers.

Check out the trailer for the newest episode here, and How To Get Away With Murder continues Thursday, October 13th at 10/9c on ABC!

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