How To Get Away With Murder Review: There Are Worse Things Than Murder (Season 3 Episode 2)

This second episode of How To Get Away With Murder brought more questions but no answers. The spider-web of mysteries is becoming more and more complicated, pushing the viewer to snoop around and gather clues but we keep coming up empty-handed. Somehow, this makes us want to watch even more instead of tearing us away from the show. Why do we keep coming back when we know we won’t get answers until the end of the season? That is the power of well-written TV.

The drama of How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 Episode 2 could be categorized under three topics: relationships, murders, and Annalise.

Firstly, relationships.

Connor and Oliver acted very much like a couple at the beginning of the episode, Oliver acting as if nothing had happened confusing a very lost Connor who didn’t know how to respond. Later in the episode, the roles are reversed. Connor makes a heart-warming love declaration that ends in tears, and Oliver begs him to let go, despite their desperately passionate kiss seconds before.

Out of respect for Oliver’s wish, Connor decides to move out, and ends up crashing at Michaela’s apartment. We’re obviously heartbroken. What felt like a very temporary break-up feels very real. They still are very much in love with each other, and it seems it wouldn’t take much to slip back into old habits. At the same time, it’s easy to understand where Oliver is coming from. Just as for many things in this show, only time will tell.

Michaela and Asher spend a lot of time together despite her claims that they are not a couple. Indeed, all we see them do is having sex, and sure, she called him a meat stick and they’re keeping their relationship secret, but they are becoming more than that.

Asher is clearly falling for her, and Michaela has softer spot for him than she lets on. She is thoroughly enjoying sex for the first time, which is probably playing in his favor. They are really close to being in a real relationship, especially since they told Connor they were “screwing,” even though it only happened because he saw Asher in her apartment. Baby steps are clearly the strategy here.

Wes and Laurel are in a way more complicated situation than the others.

They refuse to acknowledge their feelings for each other. Laurel probably still has feelings for Frank, surprisingly. Wes and his official girlfriend are cute, but uninteresting. Wes described Laurel as his best friend but if you look at your best friend the way he looks at her, you need to re-evaluate the nature of your relationship. Plus, Laurel deserves way better than being in love with a cold-blooded murderer.

Secondly, murders. Again, a very popular topic on the show.

Frank indeed killed Annalise’s hitman by shooting him, and then disguised it as a car crash. We don’t know if he knows the man worked for her, but if he does that means he is ready to do anything not to be found. What is he up to?

Let’s talk about the case of the week.

A woman who was abused for fifteen years by her husband killed him, served more than twenty years in jail, and was denied getting out seven times because abuse wasn’t taken into account as evidence at the time, but the law has changed. Connor is hired to defend her and eventually wins.

Ah, yay for good people protecting themselves from assholes! Here’s the problem: Connor confesses to his client that he killed someone before.

As for the season’s biggest mystery, the corpse on the gurney, we can suppose that whoever it is died in the fire that is consuming Annalise’s home, but that would be too easy. And if you know the show, you know that everything is always related to murder. Also, we’ve uncovered one person that is NOT dead: Oliver.

Finally, it’s time to talk about Annalise.

She asked Wes to come live with her because she felt lonely. Something doesn’t add up. She is Annalise Keating. She doesn’t feel lonely and even if she did, she has a boytoy at her disposal. What is she trying to protect Wes from?

With the board of the university is trying to fire her, Annalise loses her temper and doesn’t let them, threatening to sue like the badass she is. The speech she yelled is one of the most inspiring scenes on a TV show, ever.

Upon discovering Oliver is alive, Annalise discreetly gave Oliver her iPhone at the end telling him to wipe it clean. This brings upon the biggest questions. What is she hiding?

How To Get Away With Murder continues Thursday, October 6 at 10/9c on ABC!

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