How To Get Away With Murder Review: We’re Good People Now (Season 3 Episode 1)

How To Get Away With Murder has been my number one favorite show since the pilot. As an aspiring TV writer, it’s always very inspiring to see a plot-hole free plot, perfectly written characters, and overall amazing writing. So whenever a new season comes out, I am jumping up and down with joy because it never disappoints. This season premiere didn’t let me down. Do I really need to warn you there are spoilers ahead?

How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 Episode 1 was, as usual, packed with show-stoppers.

The first revelation is that Frank killed Wes’ dad. For Annalise, although it’s not very clear why. All storylines are tied together in this show, so we’ll find out pretty soon. After the murder, Frank shaved his beard, his head and disappeared. The least I could say was that I didn’t miss him, and Laurel doesn’t seem to either. It’s back-to-school day for the Keating Five and competition is already part of the game with the new kids and Annalise is already being anonymously accused of being a killer, business as usual. Wes also has a new girlfriend, while avoiding Laurel, who he clearly has feelings for.

The timeline of the episode was quite difficult to follow, alternating back-to-back flashbacks and flash-forwards. They have to defend a good guy for once, which was refreshing. After a competition for first chair, Wes wins and has to put on a suit – can we talk about Alfie in a suit for a second? – to defend the client during his trial.

Wes’ strategy being to prove, via numerous testimonies, how good of a person the client is.

Meanwhile, Oliver gets a job at Annalise’s side, after he tells her he deleted Connor’s Stanford acceptance email, so now she can control his every move. Typical of her. Laurel is jealous of Wes’ relationship, while Michaela and Asher are still sassily hooking-up. Michaela helps Wes with the case thanks to Asher’s strategy but it’s not enough to win the case. Annalise tells Connor about what Oliver did and why she hired him despite her promise to Connor not to. Another cryptic flashback between Annalise and Michaela reveals that the latter ended up in jail for an unknown reason and Mamma Bear has come to get her.

One of the most heartbreaking moments of the premiere was the break-up that nobody expected: the Coliver break-up. After Oliver tries to come clean about Stanford, Connor says he knows and forgives him. Not understanding how he could be so okay with him lying decides to breakup. At least, they both said they loved each other, so as long as there is love, there is hope.

In another confusing flashback, Annalise is almost fired by the president of the university due to the outstanding number of murders in her life over the past year.

In present time, a shirtless Wes (yum!) opens his bedroom door to a very angry Laurel who doesn’t understand why he is avoiding her and demanding answers. Wes reveals that he associates her with Frank too much to be around her and hates himself for it. The peak of sexual tension in the room is brutally interrupted by his girlfriend who hugs Laurel. Did somebody say awkward? Also, HOW DARE YOU INTERRUPT WESLAUREL?!

Then, we discover that Annalise hired a hitman to track Frank but the last time we saw him, he was being choked by Frank. Finally, the suspense reaches an all-time high when a flash-forward shows the same scene as the opening scene as a covered gurney is being pushed by the police into an ambulance. Except this time, the viewer follows Annalise yelling “Who is it?” before pushing through security and begging to see the body. The gurney is uncovered and the episode closed on her deafening cries.

So who is it? This is going to be the main question for the season, no doubt. Nobody knows, not even Viola Davis who recently revealed she had to cry to a wooden dummy.

Who would you like it to be? Who do you want to protect at all costs?

How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 continues Thursday, September 29th at 10/9c on ABC!

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