Hogwarts House Sorting Is Not So Simple

With Harry Potter and The Cursed Child debuting in London, the ”Which House Are You In?” question has been making its way around. But while sorting quizzes like Pottermore‘s and the all possible questions one are accurate in their own right, quick paragraph explanations aren’t enough. Your sorting isn’t determined by which few adjectives you identify with or which animal you think is the cutest. Your House represents not only the way you approach a situation but also the drive behind your decision making process.

Each House has a few words that are meant to describe it, but they can’t always be taken literally. Not everyone in Gryffindor is brave through and through. Some of them want to be brave and it’s that kind of mentality that sorts them into Gryffindor. The same goes for Ravenclaws, who are known to approach situations with knowledge and intellect. That doesn’t mean that they can’t have emotional reactions, they just mostly choose not to follow their emotional side when making decisions.

Every person is different but at their core is a decision making model that fits one of the four, and that is how you know where you fit in the most. Comparing a person with a small list of traits and trying to connect the dots isn’t the way the Hogwarts House sorting goes. It’s too simple to just look at which adjective describes you best because there is still a mentality in each House that could contradict everything. When it comes to sorting, you should think about what you value and what you want. Because as we saw in Harry Potter, the sorting hat would take into consideration your thoughts.

Gryffindor –  “brave and courageous”

Gryffindors put the wellbeing of the greater population first and foremost. They live by a moral code and they have to do what’s right, not only for themselves, but for the people around them. They can’t make a choice if it doesn’t feel like the right one, and they will pull at their bravery to make sure they stick to the moral path.

Once a Gryffindor decides what they have to do, their determination will kick in to make sure they complete the goal. That’s one of the biggest trials that defines a Gryffindor. They may not always be brave in a conventional way, but it’s the way they stick to what they consider right that truly makes them brave. And if you mix in the passion that they have to change the world and to make sure everyone is okay, you get a more fitting view of a Gryffindor based on the way they make a decision.

The biggest issue Gryffindors might face would be the question of morality? There isn’t an exact definition and different people have different views. Gryffindors could get stuck, not knowing what morally is the correct decision, especially if it doesn’t line up with a fellow Gryffindor’s ideals. The best way for a Gryffindor to face this would be to follow their gut reaction. Because the only way a Gryffindor would feel their best is when they do what they think is best for others, even if someone else might disagree.

Ravenclaw – “intelligent and creative”

Ravenclaws make decisions best when they follow what they know to be true. There is more of a practical thought process in the Ravenclaw house, as opposed to the emotional aspect to houses like Slytherin and Gryffindor. Ravenclaws trust systems and depend of them to make decisions. Knowing the truth helps guide Ravenclaws, and they can always learn more. This means there is a lot of space to grow because there is always the thirst for knowledge in their veins. But the truth is complex: there isn’t just one honest answer in the world, and it’s hard to find if there is. It takes a strong person to try to approach situations in such a calculated way.

These systems create organization in a way that Ravenclaws really need. Their decision making process isn’t instantaneous; they clearly try to think things through beforehand. This stands out against other Houses. Gryffindors are more reckless, lead by their morals. Slytherins are lead by their ambition and their loyalty to their people. Hufflepuffs are lead to their prioritization of people in general. Ravenclaws on the other hand make strategic decisions that take all of this into account but that also doesn’t go against what they consider to be ”right”.

Ravenclaws are defined by their intelligence, but it’s their appreciation for chosen systems that makes them who they are. This can get lost in translation if their chosen system overlaps with the values of another House. The best way to identify a Ravenclaw is by their compass of what is right in their mind. That is what drives them, and that is how they will face decisions. Yes, intelligence does play a part in the Ravenclaw house, but it’s just one trait. There is much more behind a Ravenclaw than their intelligent approach to a situation.

Hufflepuff – “loyal and hard-working” 

Hufflepuffs are loyal in a way that goes beyond chosen loyalty. Hufflepuffs show loyalty to everyone. Some who they might not even know because they are much more trusting from the beginning. They don’t need to know a person well to believe in them, and give them the benefit of the doubt along with their loyalty. That’s why Hufflepuffs are known for being loyal because of the way they see the world and the people in it. Which plays a big role in their decision making process.

Hufflepuffs are also focused on other people, trying to analyze why certain people make certain decisions. This makes the members of the House very people-oriented, taking into account the reasoning and existence of others in their everyday lives. This can even mean that they don’t turn their backs on someone who could be seen as an enemy. Hufflepuffs understand that even their enemies matter. This is another form of loyalty that defines the Hufflepuff House as well as what drives their members.

Hufflepuffs can value people just as much as they can value a place or a certain thing. There is a line drawn between how they feel towards someone and how they would prioritize them. Because Hufflepuffs can not be particularly fond of a person, but they would still put them first. It can almost be a secondhand nature at times. It’s when a Hufflepuff truly doesn’t like a person that they could have an issue. It’s much more complex for a Hufflepuff than we were told in the Harry Potter universe.

Slytherin – “cunning and ambitious”

Slytherins prioritize people who they consider “theirs.” When a Slytherin makes a decision, it puts them and their chosen group of people first. This could be seen as selfish since the loyalty Slytherins present is to their own people, which puts everyone else lower on the list. And while cases can be made for both, Slytherins being loyal to those they choose doesn’t mean they don’t care for other people around them.

It means that if confronted with a life or death decision, Slytherins would do anything to make sure the people that matter most to them are okay. The remaining population would still matter, but they wouldn’t be willing to sacrifice their own for the greater good. This could very well be the strongest type of loyalty that could come from any of the Houses, because if you combine that with the ambition that Slytherins are known for, nothing can stop them from reaching their goal.

What drives a Slytherin is ambition, not only for their people but themselves. A Slytherin values themselves in different ways and doesn’t feel guilty about it. Slytherin values the right to put themselves first, before anyone else in their life. Essentially, the way Slytherins make decisions is based off of what puts them and their people first.

No matter what House you’re in, you must know that more goes into your sorting than a few adjectives from one page of a book. A lot of thinking went behind the Houses and their motives, which we see in the Pottermore test.

Adjectives can be interchangeable. It’s the force that drives your everyday life choices that really defines you. The way you view the world and the people around you plays a big part in your true Hogwarts House sorting, and you have to decipher that.

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