Gotham Review: Blood Rush (Season 3 Episode 8)

James returns to the GCPD, Barnes loses control, and Oswald goes toe-to-toe with Isabella.

On Gotham Season 3 Episode 8, “Blood Rush,” James is finally a cop again. Thank God. The PI thing was useful, but how is Jim Gordon supposed to be Commissioner if he’s not a cop?

The absolute best part of Jim returning to the GCPD is his relationship with Harvey. Quite an unlikely duo but one of the dynamics the show has. It’s not that Jim wasn’t always going to Harvey when he wasn’t a part of the police dept. but it’s different when they are assigned partners and not just friends. There’s truly something magical about their partnership.

This episode was great on many levels, but one of the main reasons was that Tetch wasn’t front and center. The story is still in the Mad City chapter, but The Mad Hatter is finally in jail and not actively harassing anyone. Capt. Barnes, as we know, is on his way to crazy town due to Alice Tetch’s blood.

Each week we learn a little bit more about the effects of the blood, and this week is no exception. Barnes, in his own way, as much as he can, has accepted that this is who he is now. He tried to fight the voices, he tried to fight the aggression, but now he has given in. It will be interesting to see how far the writers take it.

Is there worse than just murder? Jim knows Barnes is capable of murder now; will he be a target of the Captain’s wrath.

The Capt. going off the rails is fascinating because he’s such a by-the-book guy. Not to mention Michael Chiklis, whatever the part he plays, brings an upstanding citizen vibe to the role. He was the Thing in Fantastic Four for goodness sake, can’t get any more upstanding than a superhero!

So it will be interesting to see how Jim processes that his Captain is the one killing people and throwing them out of buildings, or through buildings as the case may be.

Speaking of killing people, did you really think that just because Oswald is mayor and in love that he would stop his nefarious ways? Of course not, he is still Penguin!

This whole being in love with Ed thing has certainly thrown him for a loop. He wants Ed to be happy, but he wants Ed for himself. So he says he’s happy when Ed is happy, but really, how could he be? So of course he’s delighted when Ed asks him to break up with Isabella for him, okay, but who does that really? Are they in high school? It’s such an immature move.

Oswald of course, wanting to do anything for Ed, goes and tries to be diplomatic about it, but as soon as Isabella calls him out on his crap (AKA being in love with her boyfriend), his gloves come off and whatever niceties were there are no longer.

What is unclear is whether we are to believe Isabella has been killed or not. We didn’t see the train hit the car but we heard her scream. It seems highly unlikely that this character who was introduced to mess with Ed’s mind (seriously, who purposely dresses up like their boyfriend’s dead girlfriend and tries to get him to hurt her in the same way the girlfriend was hurt? So many questions about who she really is come to mind.) and get him to fall in love with her just to have her die two episodes later?

It’s such a played out storyline, very daytime soap opera. Hopefully she isn’t dead and continues to be an adversary to Oswald.

Gotham airs Mondays on Fox at 8/7c.

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