Gotham Review: Red Queen (Season 3 Episode 7)

The Mad Hatter plans to poison Gotham’s most elite, Bruce plans a date for himself and Selina, and Penguin tries to sabotage Ed’s new romance. Needless to say, there was quite a lot going on, yet the hour still seemed dull.

Gotham Season 3 Episode 7 was, for lack of a better phrase, a filler episode. It had its moments, but for the most part it was just to pass the time until the next episode.

The Mad Hatter story is just tedious at this point. It should have ended a couple episodes ago, but for some reason the writers have chosen to stretch it out. Nothing new happened except for a brief moment of creepiness because the whole brother in love with his sister thing has got to stop; Tetch’s storyline didn’t work.

The entire point of the episode seemed to revolve around Jim going on an acid trip and fighting his demons, which yes, was useful because the audience got to see Jim and Barbara interact (which is one of the best dynamics on the show),  and also, he finally wants to be a cop again, but that could have been done without drawing out this chapter.

While it was incredibly dull, this episode did have some stellar moments. As always, everything Penguin does is amazing, and Bruce gets an honorable mention, too.

Penguin is like a mother hen, except his chick is a cold-blooded murderer and the apple of his eye. Oswald is in love with Ed, this we know. He goes so far as to try to sabotage Ed’s new lady’s view of him just to get Ed to himself. Jealous Penguin is a sight to behold.

Truthfully, all he wants is to be loved in return. Though he’s going about it in such a criminal mastermind sort of way it’s bound to blow up in his face, but watching the lead up to the explosion will be delightful.

That being said, WE WANT AN ED & OSWALD ROMANCE. We need it. We deserve it. Better yet, Oswald deserves it. Criminal as he is, he’s also pretty self-deprecating. So wanting this one thing just for himself is pretty understandable.

He had his mother, his one shining light, and then she was murdered. Now he sees Ed as his salvation.

Bruce’s brief appearance in this episode is to cook dinner and wait while Selina stands him up. As adorable as Bruce is, the writers are wasting his character by only utilizing him in snippets. We know the show is basically a James Gordon origin story, but Bruce is as essential to Gotham’s storytelling as oxygen is to human survival. So while Bruce’s romance with Selina is important, it shouldn’t be his only story.

When he was investigating, Bruce was so exciting. The audience saw glimpses of the future Bruce Wayne. Love sick teenage Bruce Wayne, though? It cuts through the darkness of the show nicely, but it would be nice if it didn’t take away from Bruce developing to be the man we know him to become.

This episode also revealed some disturbing truths about Alice Tetch’s blood, and more importantly, how it will affect the captain. In that regard, the Mad City storyline is exciting, but this time it has to do with the sister, not the deranged brother.

Hopefully the Mad City storyline won’t run until the midseason finale.

Gotham continues Monday at 8/7c on FOX.

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