Gotham Review: Time Bomb (Season 3 Episode 10)

Bruce finds unlikely allies; Ed tortures Butch & Tabitha, and Barbara finds out Oswald’s secret. Meanwhile, Mario is infected. 

Lets start off by saying that this show is brilliant but that it lost its way lately. The whole Mad Hatter storyline dragged on far too long. That being said, Gotham Season 3 Episode 10, “Time Bomb,” proved why this show is one of the best on TV.

It had humor, it had romance, it had mystery, and of course, it had criminal masterminds being crazy.

Robin Lord Taylor said that Oswald’s love for Ed isn’t love at all, it’s an unhealthy obsession. One could argue that the same goes for Ed’s love for Isabella.

The woman is the spitting image of his dead girlfriend. Loving someone who sounds, acts, and looks exactly like someone else you used to love isn’t such a stretch. Going to the edges of sanity to avenge her murder is entering into crazy town territory.

Now Ed has never been the poster boy for sanity, but capturing Butch and Tabitha and playing torture games with them isn’t doing anything to assuage our concerns. Nevertheless, it was, dare we say, fun to watch the Riddler at work.

Speaking of fun things to watch, Bruce is shacking up with his quasi girlfriend and her newly mutated to be a grown up friend. The dynamic is overwhelmingly entertaining. Selina doesn’t want to label anything. Bruce wants to stake his claim. Ivy wants to seduce the plants. It’s all so surreal.

Bruce, in VERY Batman form, keeps sticking his nose into where it doesn’t belong but needs to. It was impressive though that as soon as he realized what the key meant that he went to back off, because backing off isn’t exactly his strongest trait. Then he agrees to work with the Russians and it all goes to crap. Bruce should just always just work with Alfred with assists from Selina and Jim, including other people almost always ends in a disaster.

Gotham has disaster a dime a dozen. This week’s was centered around Lee and Mario and Jim trying very hard to contain his love for Lee. Though Lee kissing Jim, while good intentioned was possibly one of the stupidest moves. Obviously there’s still feelings between the two of them. They never had proper closure. Lee saying goodbye with a kiss isn’t closure. It’s opening the door to a whole new problem. Not to mention the problem that is Mario.

Mario is this good guy. Son of a mobster who made a respectful name for himself. So surprise to us all that he’s infected. Alice Tetch’s blood is the gift that keeps on giving. So Mario will most likely go after Jim, just like Jervis did, just like Barnes did. Frankly Jim needs a vacation away from Gotham.

This episode was one of the best there has been in quite a while, and it’s finally back to where it should be.

Even Oswald is back to being Penguin instead of a lovesick sap. Though his feelings will be his downfall if Barbara has anything to say about it. The episode’s MVP is Barbara. She hit it out of the park this week discovering Oswald’s not-so-secret crush on Ed and using it to take over.

The coming weeks will be thrilling to watch.

Gotham airs Mondays on Fox at 8/7c.

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