Ghostbusters Slays; Take That, Pissy Nerd Men

The highly anticipated release of the Ghostbusters reboot was today, Friday, July 15th.

From the moment the film was announced, fans everywhere have been in a riot; either defending or attacking the new film. Matters were made much worse when it was announced that the film would star a female ensemble: Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon.

Why would that be a problem? It’s 2016, having a female-led feature film shouldn’t be a rare feat in Hollywood, or a rare concept to conceive.

Anyways, the resident “meninists” that prowl the Internet took it upon themselves to boycott the film and wish for failure. Did it work? No. Ghostbusters is already headed to the top of the box office.


Now, getting to the actual film.

The film itself was fantastic. It didn’t have the normal bland, overdone, overripe comedy of Melissa McCarthy’s other films. The comedic timing of McKinnon and Jones, especially, remains a highlight of the film. I would watch Leslie Jones curse and run from ghosts any day of my life.

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Ghostbusters wasn’t full of swearing and inappropriate jokes to make it funny; it was actually very PG compared to some of the films McCarthy and Wiig have been in.

While being hilarious, the plot of the story actually made sense and had good progression. Chris Hemsworth’s character was reduced down to eye candy, in a way, which was refreshing that a woman wasn’t put in as a placeholder, and he wasn’t bad to look at. I’m with Erin. Dumb Kevin is sexy.

Altogether, the writing challenged many Hollywood stereotypes, and many of its failures, while having great cameos throughout.

How could it have been better?

Further delving into McKinnon’s character, who was mostly used as the comedic, yet brilliant, relief, and perhaps a less stereotypicalized character for Jones to play.

Personally, the stand out of this film was Leslie Jones. Perhaps it was because she mostly represented the every day person, not some brilliant, gibberish speaking scientist. A street-smart, badass woman. Her moments, especially the first scene with the spirit in the subway, I died.

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Her acting was brilliant, and I would watch an entire film of just Jones speaking. I would.

Regardless of the actions those petty internet folk pulled, a great movie gets the attention it deserves. Ghostbusters is that movie.

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