‘The Flash’ Needs to Fix Their Killer Frost Problem

Caitlin Snow’s transition into Killer Frost has been a slow burn over the series’ four seasons, and we’ve been teased far too many times for her transformation to still not be completed.

Yes, Caitlin is finally embracing Killer Frost and her alter-ego is becoming somewhat of an anti-hero, but her villainous streak was over unexpectedly, and it’s like the writers are just buying time to be able to develop Killer Frost and Caitlin’s powers altogether off-screen. Plus, the ending of The Flash Season 3 left off as though Caitlin and Killer Frost were merged, yet they’re two separate identities in Season 4. The inconsistencies have to stop.

Split Personalities

Who is Killer Frost? Is Killer Frost her own person, just trapped inside of Caitlin’s body? This journey to embracing her powers make no sense considering Caitlin never has any recollection of her icy counterpart’s journey in her own body. On The Flash Season 3 Episode 23, the writers set up Caitlin’s ending to be more of a beginning for her character; however, that ending was retconned to begin a new journey for Caitlin, which is letting her powers be, but she has no control over her body.

The Season 3 finale clearly had Caitlin discussing her future, and not being “Caitlin” anymore, with her platinum blonde hair and blue lipstick. Meaning Caitlin got control over her Killer Frost powers and identity struggle and she was set to figure out who she was with these powers without the villainous bitch taking over and trying to kill everyone she knows.

A Much-Needed Solution

It’s devastating to see Caitlin so afraid of herself and losing control, yet she doesn’t have a choice. Killer Frost can take over whenever, and the writers are treating this like a literal other person within Caitlin’s body. The only way to fix this, and keep the Killer Frost story from continuing down the path of repetition with new villains, is for Caitlin to be able to get rid of Killer Frost’s personality, at least most of it, and to be able to channel her powers on her own while remembering what has happened and everything she’s done.

Like Caitlin or not, her powers are intriguing and she has so much potential to be the anti-hero The Flash needs, but it seems like the writers are afraid of taking her down this path because she could be a great character and wouldn’t have to just prop up the men on Team Flash anymore. What is Star Labs without the token female to make the men feel powerful and important? As it is now, Caitlin’s Killer Frost story isn’t as powerful as it could be, and the fear from the writers to change anything about Caitlin is too great to actual accomplish a goal and let Caitlin be her own character with meta-human abilities. It’s time to fix this, or write Caitlin off, because it’s too confusing of a story, and it just doesn’t make sense.


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