‘The Flash’: Is Iris West-Allen Pregnant?

With Iris and Barry finally tying the knot this season on The Flash, the next inevitable step in their relationship is the birth of their first child, and while it may seem like the writers would want to put that off for as long as possible, it might not be far off to assume Iris is already pregnant.

The Flash hasn’t been shy to rush through many of Barry and Iris’ relationship steps since the two officially got together, and it’s looking like the writers aren’t going to slow down any time soon. As the season progresses, we know Iris will be getting her very own superhero suit on Season 4 Episode 16, which is aptly titled, “Run Iris, Run,” as we can assume Iris will be the speedster hero fighting crime in Central City.

Other Possibilities

Many have speculated it could be Iris’ granddaughter from the future, Jenni Ognats, and that Candice Patton is just playing the role, but why wouldn’t the writers cast someone new for this? I suppose, if Jenni were to visit from the future, looking like her ancestor would be strange but not too unusual, but unless this is just the writers trying to appease Candice’s wishes to be able to play a hero, it’s unlikely. Another possibility is that this is an Iris from an alternate Earth, but, again, why would we need to see this, and what would it add to the story? We’ve already seen two other versions of Iris, so we don’t really need to see any more, at least not until it makes sense for the story.

Iris West-Allen

As you’ll see in the photo below, Iris West-Allen is dressed in speedster garb, she’s alone in the field, and there’s no way Barry would just give in and encourage Iris to go out into the field without powers.

Unless, she does have powers somehow. As we saw during the mid-season premiere, Barry was able to move himself and Iris so fast that it slowed down the rest of the world, and how would that be possible without hurting Iris in some way unless she was already pregnant with their child?

That would explain Iris temporarily having powers because she’s carrying a baby speedster, and could explain why Iris is out fighting crime in Central City. That said, there’s no way anyone on Team Flash would let Iris go out in the field, especially alone, if she were pregnant, so they must not know about it, at least not yet. (But, if Iris does realize she has powers, why wouldn’t Caitlin run tests on her and be able to tell that she’s pregnant? Just a quick thought, but maybe there will be an explanation.)

Also, Iris being pregnant right now would make sense since we’ve seen the mysterious girl walking around Central City, and said mystery girl is most likely Dawn Allen, Iris and Barry’s daughter. If Iris wasn’t pregnant yet, Dawn’s arrival could also be explained away to her traveling back in time to get her father out of jail because it screwed up the timeline and she has to fix it or she won’t be conceived. If Iris were already pregnant, traveling back in time could be due to her sibling(s) not being conceived because Barry stays in jail, or something of the sort. There are a lot of stories involving Dawn that could be tied to Iris being pregnant, which seems like the most obvious reason she’s able to use (or channel) speedster powers when she’s not a meta-human.


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What do you think? Is Iris West-Allen pregnant with her first child? Why do you think she’ll be suiting up later this season? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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2 comments on “‘The Flash’: Is Iris West-Allen Pregnant?

  1. I hope she is…. Berry says we are going to need more diapers when he came out and was claiming his innocence. So I am expecting Iris to be pregnant with twins.

  2. Isabella Sallustio

    July 4, 2018 at 6:27 am Reply

    i hope she is also but there is another hint,On the season finale she said were next you know and when she sat down she grunted real heavily! Ohand it’s Nora Allen. And Dawn Allen.

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