Lucy Lane

Why ‘Supergirl’ Needs to Revisit Lucy Lane

After Supergirl moved from CBS to The CW, Lucy Lane went from fully fledged co-leader of the DEO to nonexistent, and her name hasn’t really been mentioned since. Where did she go?

Supergirl unexpectedly dropped Lucy Lane from their lineup of characters after the production move to Vancouver—which probably is due to Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s family being in Los Angeles and reluctance to leave, just like Calista Flockhart—but, really, no explanation for why Lucy suddenly wasn’t helping J’onn run the DEO? Several characters made such an enormous deal about needing a human leader to keep an eye on the alien leader, yet that was inexplicably dropped, too? It’s time to revisit Lucy Lane. Continue reading “Why ‘Supergirl’ Needs to Revisit Lucy Lane”

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Why Everyone Should Watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer During Their Lifetime

“Into every generation a slayer is born. One girl in all the world: the Chosen One.”

That girl entered the hearts of TV and pop culture fanatics alike 21 years ago, and to this day, Buffy the Vampire Slayer still ranks as one of the top television shows of all time. Tackling challenges like growing up, complicated relationships, family dynamics, sexual identity, and the metaphorical essence of carrying the weight of the world on one’s shoulders, Buffy has had such a huge impact in its two decades of existence and we at The TV Type is proud to add it to our roster of featured TV shows as we delve into the show with our re-watch reviews!

Here are some things readers can look forward to when embarking on this journey into the Buffy-verse! Continue reading “Why Everyone Should Watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer During Their Lifetime”

Karen Page

Karen Page’s ‘Marvel’-ous Choice: Should She Be Romantically Involved with Matt or Frank?

Karen chooses her own life and the people that she wants in it.

Love triangles are some of the most popular relationships in the media, two corners of the triangle vying for the attention of one. Love triangles might be popular because of the incessant drama that it induces, and for most love triangles, there is almost nothing more to the story than the struggle of picking one or the other. When Karen Page is introduced in the first season of Daredevil, she buds from a victim to Foggy and Matt’s adorably intelligent aide to the very adept and detective-like reporter.

Matt and Karen’s pairing off is inevitable and ultimately less cringe-worthy, as there is no unnecessary frustration of figuring out if Karen will choose him or Foggy, causing a relieved sigh from the audience. Matt seems the obvious choice for her, the way their ideas and thoughts align. Then, the second season of Daredevil introduces the antithesis to Matt and the seeming villain, Frank Castle. Fostered by Karen’s belief in him and stemming his trust in her, a blossoming of a relationship forms, fracturing the idea she’s created with Matt. The love triangle emerges, but perhaps in an entirely different way, and that is because of Karen Page’s autonomy.
Continue reading “Karen Page’s ‘Marvel’-ous Choice: Should She Be Romantically Involved with Matt or Frank?”

Jay Garrick

‘The Flash’: Who Could Be Jay Garrick’s New Speedster Trainee?

After helping Barry and Jesse stop a nuclear explosion from destroying Central City, Jay Garrick, the Earth-3 Flash, has announced he’s retiring from the business of being a superhero and a new female speedster is taking his place.

The Flash has not shied away from introducing a vast amount of speedsters, and it looks like one more is joining the mix. There’s a female speedster learning from Jay Garrick on Earth-3 to take his place and become the new Flash. Who is it? We don’t know, yet, but there are a variety of comic characters the show could pull into the mix. Continue reading “‘The Flash’: Who Could Be Jay Garrick’s New Speedster Trainee?”

Black Siren

‘Arrow’: Should Black Siren Continue Her Life with Earth-1 Laurel Lance’s Identity?

After being the target of discussion—by characters and fans alike—for weeks, the latest move by Black Siren may have thrown a wrench in everyone’s plans for her as she came forward and created a kidnapping narrative to claim she is the Laurel Lance presumed dead to Star City.

While claiming she’s the Laurel Lance everyone knew on Earth-1 isn’t the smartest move for Black Siren, it’s the only move she has to make, especially given the various opinions of her by the members of both Team Arrows. NTA wants her arrested and prosecuted for her actions, while Oliver and company want her to leave and never show her face again. This way, Black Siren gets to stick around on Arrow and, given the media attention sure to follow the “resurrection of Laurel Lance,” she’s safe from everyone… for the time being. Continue reading “‘Arrow’: Should Black Siren Continue Her Life with Earth-1 Laurel Lance’s Identity?”

Jennifer Pierce

Why Jennifer Pierce Needs Her Powers Now on ‘Black Lightning’

We’re just beginning to learn about Anissa’s powers on Black Lightning (and Jefferson’s, too, though he’s been a superhero for much longer), but Jennifer Pierce is getting screwed over. This has to change… soon.

Black Lightning is creating a superhero family with the Pierces, but as they all slowly grow into their powers, we’re seeing one character fall into the main character turned love interest pattern of The CW. Jennifer’s story thus far has been a disappointment, but it’s still early, which is why she needs to have her powers activated and learn to be a hero with her sister at her side. Continue reading “Why Jennifer Pierce Needs Her Powers Now on ‘Black Lightning’”

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Why Season 3 Is the Best Season Yet

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 will return with John Constantine enlisting the help of the Legends in the present day on an exorcism.

Legends of Tomorrow isn’t one of the hit shows on the CW or the favorite for DC shows. After their rocky start in Season 1, they have made a tremendous stride to provide a spectacular season filled with interesting plots and the team as strong as they have ever been. Even with only half of Season 3 shown, it has become the best season of the series so far. Here’s why. Continue reading “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Why Season 3 Is the Best Season Yet”

Iris West-Allen

‘The Flash’: Is Iris West-Allen Pregnant?

With Iris and Barry finally tying the knot this season on The Flash, the next inevitable step in their relationship is the birth of their first child, and while it may seem like the writers would want to put that off for as long as possible, it might not be far off to assume Iris is already pregnant.

The Flash hasn’t been shy to rush through many of Barry and Iris’ relationship steps since the two officially got together, and it’s looking like the writers aren’t going to slow down any time soon. As the season progresses, we know Iris will be getting her very own superhero suit on Season 4 Episode 16, which is aptly titled, “Run Iris, Run,” as we can assume Iris will be the speedster hero fighting crime in Central City. Continue reading “‘The Flash’: Is Iris West-Allen Pregnant?”

Lena Luthor

‘Supergirl’: It’s Time for Lena Luthor to Know the Big Secret

How long, realistically, can Lena Luthor not know her “best friend” is the woman flying around National City with a cape?

Lena Luthor is a genius, yet she doesn’t know her best friend is Supergirl and hasn’t put together that Kara’s always absent when Supergirl is around? When are the Supergirl writers going to stop insulting Lena’s intelligence and recognize the value she could have if added to Team Supergirl? Continue reading “‘Supergirl’: It’s Time for Lena Luthor to Know the Big Secret”

The Fosters Cancelled

The Fosters Cancelled at Freeform

The Fosters, Freeform’s award-winning show, will only last five seasons on the network.

The Fosters cancelled at Freeform! A travesty? Yes. But there is a glimmer of hope for diehard fans of the series… there will be a spin-off. Get the details here! Continue reading “The Fosters Cancelled at Freeform”