‘The Flash’ Needs to Bring Caitlin and Cisco Out of the Background

With The Flash Season 4 focusing on Ralph’s journey to heroism, Iris’ new role as the leader of Team Flash and Harry’s brilliant mind being their “best option” for taking on The Thinker, Caitlin and Cisco have drifted to the background.

It’s disappointing, because their characters have been irreplaceable members of Team Flash from the very beginning. Whether as Caitlin and Cisco or as their heroic alter egos (if Caitlin gets her powers back), the two could easily be incorporated into every aspect of Team Flash’s process, so there’s no excuse for not utilizing their skills and abilities to save the day.

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‘Supergirl’ Needs More of the Friendship Between James and Winn

James and Winn
Though the pair originally started out as frenemies on Supergirl, Winn and James have grown close, especially over the last two seasons.

Their friendship seems to be the one part of their lives that is “normal,” or whatever anyone with an alien as a friend can call normal. As Winn dealt with the death of his father and arrival of his mother on Season 3 Episode 14, James clearly helped him through it, and it just shows how far their friendship has come, even though we’ve seen so little of it.

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How ‘Supergirl’ Can Break Away from Making Kara Danvers Just Another Love Interest

Kara Danvers
After Kara’s revelation during her coma in the Supergirl mid-season premiere that her current life is all because she took on the human identity of Kara Danvers, we need to see stories that reflect that.

This mental block she experienced in the mid-season premiere of Supergirl seems to have cemented that Kara Danvers is just as important as Supergirl, if not more important, and that she needs to appreciate the “human” life she’s been able to lead. But why—after many revelations of how important Kara’s life as Kara Danvers is—is her life outside of being a superhero solely about being a love interest and ignores any other part of her life, especially her career? Let’s see Kara embrace her career more and the writers develop stories utilizing her skills as a reporter, rather than just as an alien.

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Should ‘Supergirl’ Seek Superman’s Assistance with the Worldkillers?

Much of Supergirl has been about establishing Kara Danvers as a hero in her own right, and as a hero the people of National City can count on.

Before even introducing Superman as a recognizable character, we saw Kara fight to prove she didn’t need her cousin to come save the day for her. It’s safe to say Kara’s proven to everyone she’s just as capable, if not more so, than Superman. So would it be a mistake to bring in Superman to be at Kara’s side during the Worldkiller fight?

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Why Jennifer Shouldn’t Suit up for ‘Black Lightning’ Season 2

Jennifer Pierce
In the final monologue of Black Lightning Season 1, it became clear that after saving both her mother’s and father’s lives, Jennifer sees her powers similarly to Anissa, “as a blessing from God.”

Jennifer has spent episodes denying her abilities and how her life has changed, but it looks like she is really to embrace her powers and become Lightning. However, suiting up as her superhero alter ego shouldn’t happen on Black Lightning Season 2.

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Can Lena Luthor Ever Become a Hero on ‘Supergirl’?

Lena Luthor
Lena Luthor’s stance on morality has been the heated debate circling her character since her debut on Supergirl.

Supergirl Season 3 has already returned to this, twice, and forced Lena to entertain the idea of killing someone to protect herself (and others) and consider what she’d be willing to do to keep those around her safe. As we saw on Season 3 Episode 12, Lena ultimately decided to save Edge from her mother, rather than kill him herself or let her mother finish him off, but can Lena ever truly stay good?

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Why ‘Supergirl’ Needs to Revisit Lucy Lane

Lucy Lane
After Supergirl moved from CBS to The CW, Lucy Lane went from fully fledged co-leader of the DEO to nonexistent, and her name hasn’t really been mentioned since. Where did she go?

Supergirl unexpectedly dropped Lucy Lane from their lineup of characters after the production move to Vancouver—which probably is due to Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s family being in Los Angeles and reluctance to leave, just like Calista Flockhart—but, really, no explanation for why Lucy suddenly wasn’t helping J’onn run the DEO? Several characters made such an enormous deal about needing a human leader to keep an eye on the alien leader, yet that was inexplicably dropped, too? It’s time to revisit Lucy Lane.

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Why Everyone Should Watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer During Their Lifetime

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
“Into every generation a slayer is born. One girl in all the world: the Chosen One.”

That girl entered the hearts of TV and pop culture fanatics alike 21 years ago, and to this day, Buffy the Vampire Slayer still ranks as one of the top television shows of all time. Tackling challenges like growing up, complicated relationships, family dynamics, sexual identity, and the metaphorical essence of carrying the weight of the world on one’s shoulders, Buffy has had such a huge impact in its two decades of existence and we at The TV Type is proud to add it to our roster of featured TV shows as we delve into the show with our re-watch reviews!

Here are some things readers can look forward to when embarking on this journey into the Buffy-verse!

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Karen Page’s ‘Marvel’-ous Choice: Should She Be Romantically Involved with Matt or Frank?

Karen Page
Karen chooses her own life and the people that she wants in it.

Love triangles are some of the most popular relationships in the media, two corners of the triangle vying for the attention of one. Love triangles might be popular because of the incessant drama that it induces, and for most love triangles, there is almost nothing more to the story than the struggle of picking one or the other. When Karen Page is introduced in the first season of Daredevil, she buds from a victim to Foggy and Matt’s adorably intelligent aide to the very adept and detective-like reporter.

Matt and Karen’s pairing off is inevitable and ultimately less cringe-worthy, as there is no unnecessary frustration of figuring out if Karen will choose him or Foggy, causing a relieved sigh from the audience. Matt seems the obvious choice for her, the way their ideas and thoughts align. Then, the second season of Daredevil introduces the antithesis to Matt and the seeming villain, Frank Castle. Fostered by Karen’s belief in him and stemming his trust in her, a blossoming of a relationship forms, fracturing the idea she’s created with Matt. The love triangle emerges, but perhaps in an entirely different way, and that is because of Karen Page’s autonomy.

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