Our Top 14 Favorite Pretty Little Liars Episodes

Pretty Little Liars, ABC Family/Freeform’s biggest hit and longest running series, has had its fair share of episodes and seasons, though some didn’t match up to the others, and some were so outstanding it’s shocking that they were aired by this network. As of August 30th, 2016, 150 episodes have aired. As we gear up for the final 10 episodes in April 2017, let’s look back on the series’ best episodes.

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 may not have the same flare as the earlier seasons, but the show has continued the hunt for A for six years, and we’ve received some fairly amazing hours of television from I. Marlene King and the rest of the PLL crew.

From Mona’s reveal to Charlotte’s reveal, somehow these girls survived and lived to tell the tale – Spencer, especially – but our favorite part is that the writers never ignored the consequences. Having someone stalking you and tormenting you takes a toll, it’s not all sunshine and high heels.

All of these girls have been pushed to their limits, been forced outside of their comfort zones with almost everyone in their lives, and been forced to start telling the truth even when it hurt those they loved the most. It was beyond twisted what these stalkers has done to each of them, but in a way, was it really them trying to help the girls?

Here are our Top 14 favorite episodes in reverse order!

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