Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 1 Review: K3U

Eye Candy’s pilot picks up a little slowly. Lindy Sampson, a 21-year-old hacker whose younger sister was kidnapped 3 years prior is the main character of the series. The episode begins with Lindy using her hacking skills to search for a woman’s missing daughter. This is what we are to believe that Lindy has been doing for the past 3 years; she’s been searching for her sister.
Cue the cute cop, Ben, who also happens to be Lindy’s ex and the reason she’s on probation, and the drama begins. And here comes the slow part of the pilot; Lindy goes to a club with her friend, who signs her up for a dating app called, “Flirtual.” Sophia signs Lindy up with the username Eye Candy, as the title of the show would suggest. At the club, Lindy meets 3 men off the app (Jake, Reiss and Peter) and flirts with all of them. When Lindy leaves the club, we finally get to experience the plot of the show. She gets a message from an unknown user on Flirtual, saying, “Great meeting you tonight.” When she is almost hit by a car, the user messages her again saying, “Ouch. That could have hurt.” And Lindy realizes that someone is watching her.
Throughout the episode, Lindy rekindles her romance with the cop, Ben, and he helps to protect her from this unknown person, who murders Peter after Lindy has a date with him to see if he’s potentially the stalker. This renews the need to find the Flirtual killer, and later on in the episode, he sends a video of himself at Sophia’s apartment, while Sophia is there. Lindy called Ben, and then Sophia, only to find out Sophia wasn’t at home. The killer set a trap for Lindy and murdered Ben in front of her. The Flirtual killer repeatedly outsmarts Lindy and the police, which only strengthen Lindy’s need to find and stop this person.
There is so much packed into this pilot, but the writers focus on Sarah (Lindy’s sister), Ben and the Flirtual killer, which sets the course for the rest of the season. I admire what the writers did with this pilot, as it didn’t go into much detail of the plot right away. Every obstacle in this episode is written to show us what a strong character Lindy is, and in my opinion, she’s one of the strongest female characters on television right now. I have to admit, I was a little weary about how Victoria Justice would handle a role like this, after all of her comedic stints, but she truly shines in this role. I believe this is really a testament to how intense this show is to become, and writing Lindy as a strong woman makes the show much more realistic. This season is headed on a dark path, as with any show that focuses on murder, but this show is set apart by it’s unique version of crime solving. But it’ll be a long road until we know who the Flirtual killer is, and how much Lindy Sampson has gotten herself into.

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