Exclusive with The Flash’s Violett Beane

You may know Violett Beane better as Jesse Quick, the newly powered-up superhero on The CW’s The Flash. She began the role in Season 2 as the daughter of Earth-2’s Harrison Wells and prisoner of Zoom, but now the series is headed full force into Season 3 and more of Team Flash are meta-humans.

The Flash‘s Violett Beane talked to us about Jesse and Barry’s relationship, whether we’ve seen the last of Jesse as she headed home to Earth-2 in The Flash Season 3 Episode 4, and the potential for a sisterly relationship between Caitlin and Jesse as the two grow into their powers. Read on!

What is the relationship between Jesse and Barry going to be like from now on?
Violett Beane: Barry is definitely a mentor for Jesse. I think it’s perfect because a lot of teachers are able to learn more through their students and Barry might be able to learn new capabilities himself through teaching Jesse. Even though she’s a little rebellious towards him, ultimately she realizes he knows what he’s talking about.

Will Jesse be interacting with any other heroes from DCTV series, perhaps in the four-way crossover event?
VB: As of now, she isn’t involved in the big episode coming up, but the writers are always changing and adding things last minute. I would totally love to be a part of something as insane as those crossovers, so we’ll see!

Which one hero/villain would you love to work with the most?
VB: I’m pretty good friends with Echo Kellum over on Arrow, so I would love to work with him as Curtis or Mister Terrific! That would be totally fun!

What has been your favorite part of being on “The Flash”?
VB: Meeting everyone on the cast and crew has definitely been the best part. I’ve learned so much from actors like Tom Cavanagh about the industry and character development, and a lot about how the intricacies of the industry and crew works. Also getting to know Vancouver in the summer – so beautiful!

Photo Credit: Jinni J
Photo Credit: Jinni J

If Jesse does stick around, can we expect more sisterly moments between her and Caitlin, like her pep talk in “Magenta”? Especially as they’re both coming into their new powers?
VB: I could definitely see that relationship forming. Caitlin has a lot she could teach Jesse and vice versa. I also think the show could use more female bonding and empowerment as well. Jesse and Iris have also had friendly moments like that before, and I would love for those relationships to grow, especially with this new relationship with Wally forming.

If you could play any superhero (in the DC universe or not), who would it be and why?
VB: I have always loved Poison Ivy. It’s so cool that she draws her powers from the elements around her and has such a natural way about her. Also, her origin story is a pretty interesting one. I was going to be her for Halloween this year, but I’m out of the country!

What should we expect from “The Flash” Season 3?
VB: They don’t tell us too much in advance, but I expect nothing less than as much insanity as possible jam-packed into 23 45-minute episodes! As far Jesse goes, you have definitely not seen the last of her this season!

What advice would you give to those that are attempting to follow their dreams?
VB: Believe in yourself and surround yourself with people who will do the same. Trust that you can get wherever you want and do everything to make that happen – study your craft, talk to people about theirs, learn as much as possible.

If you weren’t acting, what would you be doing?
VB: I love baking, and right before this all started to take off for me, I was applying to bakeries. One day I would love to open up a little bakery somewhere!

Guilty pleasure book/tv show/film?
VB: I love Dragon Tales so much still! Such a good theme song, and I love Zac and Wheezie. Also The Bachelorette, because watching a bunch of idiot guys compete for one girl is pretty entertaining!

And lastly, what have you learned from playing Jesse?
VB: Besides so much about the industry I’ve entered, just how to be me and how to be parts of me in a character. Playing Jesse has been one of the most amazing things in my life so far.

The Flash continues Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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