Exclusive Interview with Skyler Day from MTV’s ‘Sweet/Vicious’

You may recognize Skyler Day from her many guest appearances in TV shows such as Pretty Little Liars, iZombie, Parenthood, or Army Wives. But, now you most likely know her as Mackenzie from hit show Sweet/Vicious on MTV.

Sweet/Vicious star Skyler Day spoke with us about her hopes for a Season 2 and what she would like from it. She also spoke with us about her music and upcoming EP! Read on!

What was your first reaction when you read the script for Sweet/Vicious?

Skyler Day: First reaction was “Wow, this is risky.” Because it’s such a tough topic and then another reaction was whoever does this as far as the creator and the writers and everything I wondered what they were like cause that would determine how the show unfolded. So, when I met Jenn (Jennifer Kaytin Robinson), the creator, she was absolutely amazing, and I was just completely in awe of her and her dedication to making this story and telling it with a delicate hand. Also, in such a real way. I was thrilled but also a little hesitant, but I’m so glad I got to be apart of it.

Going off the script, did you anticipate just how big the show would become?

SD: Well, I hoped it would. You never know when you go out for things. It’s funny because I auditioned for it, went to the audition, left and got a call a week or two later and then it all happened so fast. You never can anticipate, but then again you hope that it can reach as many people as possible. I’m so happy that it’s doing so well.

Did you audition for any other role before landing Mackenzie?

SD: Funny enough I auditioned a while ago for the pilot of the show. I auditioned for Jules’ role at first. It was also when Sweet/Vicious was originally a half hour. I remember getting the audition for Mackenzie like a year or so later, and I realized that they had changed the script and made it a full hour. It made it so much better. I’m so glad that it became a full hour instead of a half.

I agree, I really don’t think that a half hour would’ve given it justice.

SD: Oh no, not at all. So I’m glad that MTV decided on that. I think that was the right decision.

If we get a Season 2, what sort of character development would you like to see for Mackenzie?

SD: I would like to see her chill out a little bit. *insert laughing* she’s a little too neurotic, I think it would be fun to see her kind of step up in the sorority in the sense of being a calmer, overseeing figure rather than the one whipping people into shape. I’d like to see her have a little more fun with life and get closer to Jules. I love that last scene that Eliza [Bennett] and I have where we are actually sitting down and having a real conversation with each other, which I think was the first time in the entire season that that really happened. So, it was cool to have a moment for Mackenzie where it wasn’t just popping in and popping out. It was nice to have her have a real moment with Jules.

I know you just finished a residency at The Hotel Cafe in L.A. how was that?

SD: It was amazing. It was so awesome. I was terrified at first just because I’ve never done shows back-to-back before. You know, week after week after week. That was the first time I’ve done that, and I had an absolute blast. I was scared that people wouldn’t show up. I was like “this will be the one where no one comes,” and I had a great turn out every weekend. I had my brother come up and play with me a couple of times and the last show we sold out. That was very exciting.

When did you know that you wanted to be both a musician and an actor?

SD: I started with both very early. My very first role ever was in a Christmas play at my school where I was singing and acting. I was doing school plays and singing at my church, and then I started doing commercials when I was six. When I turned ten that’s when I decided that I actually wanted to pursue acting and filming tv. And, I also wrote my first song at ten. And then I picked up the guitar at 14, so it has always kind of been this thing that happened simultaneously. They’ve been kind of growing up together with me. Granted, acting takes a lot of the time because it takes a lot of my actual time because I’m either on set or I’m auditioning and stuff like that. I’m trying to put more energy into music this year, which I’m really excited about. As well as acting. They always go hand in hand for me.

One of them doesn’t stand out more for you?

SD: No, and it’s so hard because I get this question all of the time. “If you had to choose one,” I don’t think I could. I definitely don’t think I could. I love them both so much. But, the cool thing about music is that I can just literally do it on my own time whereas acting you’re at the mercy of someone else’s schedule and everything like that. It’s kind of perfect because I can fit music around acting so that I am able to do both.

Do you ever sing on set when you’re not filming?

SD: Absolutely! Me and Aisha [Dee] sit in the trailer, and I bring my guitar, she has her ukulele. A lot of people on set sing, Eliza [Bennett] sings, Victoria [Park] sings. I definitely bring my guitar and have it in the trailer for when we have breaks.

Can you give us a hint at when we might get to see new music?

SD: First of all, I don’t know exactly when it will be out, but it will be this year. Not that that narrows anything down, but yeah. I’m hoping it will be before summer. I think that’s my goal, but we shall see. I’m not quite sure yet, we’re not officially done, but we are definitely on our way to finishing up. I am so excited to get it out there because it’s pretty different than my first EP.

Other than singing and acting do you have any hobbies you like to do when you have free time?

SD: What I would like to do is travel more. I like to just hop in the car and go up to Santa Barbara and drive through the Pacific coast highway; it’s absolutely amazing. Anytime I can do that I’m down for it. I surf, I’m not great, but I can definitely surf. My brother is a great surfer. I like to hang with my friends; I binge-watch television. I’ll literally sit down, and I’ll be like “okay, I haven’t seen this one,” and it’ll be like five or ten years old. I’m always late to the game with TV. I don’t know what my problem is, but I’m always really behind.

Is there anyone in the industry you’d like to work with in the future?

SD: Oh gosh, there’s so many people. I am madly in love with Amy Adams; I think she is just incredible. I would love to work with her. Meryl Streep, obviously. I love Edward Norton; I think he’s a fantastic actor. But literally, I could go on forever. I just want to work with everyone, that’s my plan.

Sweet/Vicious Season 1 is currently over so be sure to voice your opinion on why the show should be picked up for a Season 2 using the hashtag #RenewSweetVicious.

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