A Breakdown of Donald Trump at the Presidential Debate

Without going Hillary vs. Donald, it’s important to focus on what Donald Trump said at tonight’s Presidential debate… Or rather, what he didn’t say.

First, let’s begin with the release of his tax returns. He remains the only candidate to not release this information to the public, a fact that is shady all by itself. He claims he’ll release these when Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails are released, so he doesn’t really understand what deleted means, and he claims he’s going “against his lawyer’s wishes” if he releases these.

Why would your lawyer suggest that you keep this information out of the public eye if you didn’t have something to hide? Other that he fact that Donald doesn’t pay federal taxes, which is required by law, a fact that he believes makes him “smart.” As he tries to convince the American people that he’s the right person to be President of the United States and he will stop the criminals we face, he’s hiding the fact that is is one of those criminals.

Being a rich, white man doesn’t make you immune to the laws of the country? Being audited by the IRS every year for the past 15 years isn’t anything to be proud of, yet Donald Trump brags, and he brags about avoiding federal taxes because he’s “smart,” he brags about the fact that he settled the lawsuit against his company that claimed they weren’t allowing African American citizens to live in their building without accepting guilt.

Settling that lawsuit suggests that those accusing Trump, and other companies, had logical proof of their accusations and they would’ve won the case if it had gone in front of a judge.

Less of an issue is the way Donald interrupted Hillary and the moderator, Lester, so he could continue talking when his time was up and interrupt what they were saying to insert his own opinion. If he can’t handle himself in a debate with a fellow American, how can the American people expect him to handle himself in situations with other countries if he can’t keep his cool and listen to what the other players have to add or dispute?

Also, why were his “answers” not really answers at all? What he said after being asked about the current policy on nuclear weapons was almost laughable, and not just because he didn’t even touch upon the question. Does he know what the current policy is?

Trump is a man of lies, and this debate proved just that. All over Twitter and the Internet, his words at the debate about things he did or didn’t do are being falsified, much like his comments about a woman’s pregnancy being an “inconvenience to the workplace,” and his statement that China invented global warming.

Still, in 2016 after 8 years of the Obama administration, and years after the birth certificate was released, Trump is questioning the authenticity of the birth certificate and whether Obama is really American-born. Why is this issue more pressing the the growing number of police shootings, mainly on the African American population? Both of the candidates didn’t mention these shootings of how these could be solved, but Trump was quick to criticize and demonize the neighborhoods they reside in, especially in Chicago.

Is Donald Trump really the man that should follow Obama as the next Commander in Chief?

He lies, lies, and lies, and does it knowingly and attempts to pull one over on the American people and change his opinion on issues every week. He has called women “pigs,” “slobs,” and “dogs,” and said Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the “look” to be President.

When a conversation isn’t going his way, he gets louder and louder attempting to mute his competitor by speaking over her because he thinks as a white male he has the most important opinion in the room. By most of all, by watching the Presidential debate, it’s obvious he doesn’t have real answers to these questions. Insulting Hillary, Obama, and praising himself for things he’s done aren’t answers, nor are they necessary or warranted in this situation.

The President of the United States should be calm, cool, and collected, able to withstand conversations with the worst people and to use sound judgment to attempt to solve the problems that we, as a country, face. Donald Trump is not that person.

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