Designated Survivor Review: Sting of the Tail (Season 2 Episode 2)

The conspiracy that haunted Kirkman’s entire presidency is wrapped up with the death of the most wanted man in America… or is it? We have doubts.

On Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 2, “Sting of the Tail,” Kirkman feels the sting of the American democracy when plans to take down Patrick Lloyd go awry. Meanwhile, Seth really isn’t funny at all.

Patrick Lloyd

So, the conspiracy has ended. Patrick Lloyd was taken out by a drone strike on his underground bunker, on American soil, which is certain to drag Kirkman’s name through the mud as they attempt to raise his approval ratings. This was the focus of the episode because it was the conclusion of the series’ conspiracy that made Season 1 so extraordinary.

Can the show go on without this overwhelming conspiracy looming over the heads of the President and his staffers?

Most importantly, while the rest of the cast can go on with White House drama leading the way, what will happen to Hannah Wells / Maggie Q? What’s next for this character that many of the viewers grew to love? That’s why I have doubts that the show will end the conspiracy. There was no gas in Lloyd’s bunker, but I doubt he was bluffing about it. Why would Lloyd keep the nerve gas in the bunker with him? He knew there was no way he could get out after he was found out; he wasn’t a stupid man, either. He took down the former President and 1,000 others, so why were they so quick to believe he didn’t have others helping him and holding the gas for him on his command to use it?

Hannah Wells isn’t going anywhere, so I don’t believe the conspiracy is completely over. Maybe Hannah will be tackling a new conspiracy as the series progresses, or this one is far from over. What better way to fool the audience than to make them believe that the conspiracy is actually over? Knowing that Kirkman’s wife is leaving the show come mid-season, there’s only one real way for the exit to seem real: death. It wouldn’t make sense for her to just leave her husband, so knowing that Lloyd was after the First Lady’s mother (whether he meant to hurt her or not) puts them all at risk, and it’s likely the First Lady will become the collateral damage of Kirkman’s presidency.

Emily, Seth, and Aaron

Out of these three, two are having issues with their roles. And it’s not Emily.

Emily has grown to be a fine Chief of Staff and she really does well at keeping the President in check, and aligning their interests with the interests of the country and the President. She’s stepped up to fill such a crucial role, which didn’t seem possible due to the detriment of her abilities in Season 1. Going forward, we need to see more challenges though. So far, Emily has just been reduced to the non-problematic Chief of Staff to the President, but as for actual character development, we haven’t seen much from her since early Season 1. Is Emily even going to play an important role this season, or just be the delegate for the President? For a show that’s so scarce of female characters, we need to see more from Emily, especially since a female Chief of Staff isn’t something seen very often on television (or in reality).

Aaron, however, is struggling hard with his new role. The past two episodes have seen him struggling to balance the duties of being the President’s National Security Advisor and his remaining wish to be a more crucial part of the White House again, as he was in the previous season. Aaron staying in this position seems unlikely unless the goal is to make him realize the important role he now plays for the country as a whole.

His dedication is what got the judge to rule on their side for a drone strike; without him, Patrick Lloyd would still be alive and no progress would have been made. This does play on something interesting though; going forward, the President using a drone on a man who “bluffed” about having nerve gas will draw a line between his supporters, and since Aaron was so involved with that, how is it going to affect him?

As for Seth, he doesn’t seem to have the motivation or spirit that he held in Season 1. His jokes were lame, his dedication has been tested, and it just seems altogether unlikely that Seth would truthfully stay in the White House if this were reality. (However, if this were reality, would anyone on this show willingly stay in Trump’s White House?)

As an episode, it set up interesting politics between the President and some members of the Senate who disapprove of his methods and actions. What will this strain do to his presidency going forward?


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