Democrats Voting Against Hillary Clinton Will Destroy The Election

Hillary Clinton may not be your ideal candidate for the next President of the United States, trust me she wasn’t mine either, but this is what we’ve been sattled with what The Huffington Post is calling the “ugliest, most divisive election in American history.”

It’s no secret: I’m not a fan of Donald Trump, nor am I behind any slight ideal of his campaign.

His being elected could lead to disaster for the nation, and the unreliability of his character (especially amidst his refusal to release his tax statements, which his history as a “successful businessman” is the backing of his campaign, AND President Obama released his birth certificate when he was being scrutinized) is reason enough to believe he is unfit to run our country anywhere other than the ground.

But, more importantly, Hillary Clinton has stepped into more controversy during this election than any of her white, male predecessors ever have.

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But she wrangled the popular vote and has been chosen as the Democratic candidate. A fact the majority of Bernie supporters cannot seem to move past.

I supported Bernie, I still do, but we must deal with what we are given. Voting for a third party is an option, it is America, but voting for a third party could lead to the dreaded endgame none of us want to see: Trump elected.

Let’s be real. Your vote matters, and if you back a third party that isn’t making such waves as the two popular nominees, what’s the use? Voting for a third party means that the Democratic vote will be split, while the Republican vote will directly be tied to Donald Trump.

Splitting the vote will lead to a lower amount of support for Clinton and whoever the third party of choice is; at best, they’ll each receive a quarter of the votes.

Here’s another way of putting it: just because you’re in tune with the election and its progress, direction, and course does not mean the general public is with you. Many voters turn out on little information they overhear on social media, or on the news, and their vote isn’t quite as informed. They’re going to vote for the popular candidates, mostly because they haven’t heard about any others.

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Hillary Clinton may not be your first choice, or your second, or even your third, but face the facts. Voting against her gives Trump a better chance of winning, and if you don’t want that unreliable, self-absorbed man to take control of our country, sacrifices must be made and that includes voting for Clinton amidst your concerns.

So the question is, who are you willing to let run our country for the next four years?

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