Chatting With Dead of Summer’s Ronen Rubinstein

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Ronen Rubinstein from Freeform’s struggling new hit show, Dead of Summer.

As the show is struggling a bit with ratings, Rubinstein nevertheless seemed hopeful for a Season 2, and was very tight-lipped on death coming to Camp Stillwater. With two counselors looking to be dead at the end of Season 1 Episode 3, it was no surprise that he couldn’t reveal anything too juicy.

As well as his new series regular role, Ronen Rubinstein chatted a bit about his brief guest role on Orange Is The New Black.

Find out what the summer will bring to the campers, as well as some insight on Rubinstein and his plans for after Dead of Summer wraps!

What drew you to the character of Alex Powell? And did you know about his past when you signed on for the pilot?

Ronen Rubinstein: When I was testing for the role in Los Angeles, they were very brief. They told me that Alex was Russian, that he had a Soviet past, and that it was going to be revealed in Episode 2. And I thought that was a very weird coincidence, because I’m actually Russian myself.

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Did you speak Russian before or did you learn that for the role?

Rubinstein: It was actually my first language.

The scene where Blotter sees Alex with the hand coming out of his mouth, what was it like to film that?

Rubinstein: It definitely took us a few days to film it, it was either me looking at him and giggling at what he was doing or him trying not to giggle while watching all the stuff that I was doing. After we got the giggles out of the way, we got back down to business and just made what you saw on screen.

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