The Truth Behind Dead of Summer’s Amy Hughes

Dead of Summer Season 1 Episode 9 held one of the best plot twists ever to be on Freeform, or even on television. We finally uncovered the leader behind the attempts to resurrect Malphas: Amy Hughes.

Who would’ve ever suspected the girl that was being hunted down for being Malphas’ vessel as the killer? Holyoke’s numerous attempts to kill Amy are now explicable because he knew she was behind the events at Camp Stillwater the entire time, including killing Blotter, Cricket, and the groundskeeper.

But the story behind Amy’s life finally made more sense than it had in the pilot episode. Amy, always feeling trapped by her family and life, killed her parents and brother when she was just a child. She then went into foster care, bouncing from home to home, more than likely because of acts she committed. And finally, when she visited Camp Stillwater to meet with Deb about becoming a counselor, she felt a connection to the lake and Malphas.

But the camp was full, so Amy took matters into her own hands. She convinced Margot to go to the party, she pushed her onto the roof, and she let go of Margot’s hand so a position at Camp Stillwater would open up with her death.

It was brilliant, in a psychotic, evil way. Amy played the innocent, I-don’t-know-where-I-belong act all summer, convincing everyone that she was unfairly being hunted by the spirits at Camp Stillwater. But Holyoke saw through her charade. Unfortunately, he disintegrated early on in the exorcism process, leaving Jessie to carry on and sacrifice herself to stop Malphas and “save” Amy.

No one could’ve known Amy was calling Malphas to her because he was the only one that “understood” her. Amy called Malphas from Jessie’s corpse before reviving her, and killed Deb when she figured it out. Now it’s The Hunger Games at Camp Stillwater, and Amy’s ready to kill.

Personally, I felt a connection to Amy’s character from the pilot, but now I realize it was all a lie.

All of the reasons I felt for her, related to her, and she became my favorite character are the reasons that she’s actually a psychotic killer, hellbent on bringing back Malphas and making Camp Stillwater her home.

She always felt misunderstood, she felt like she never belonged, and all she wanted to do was find a home. Sadly, her dark spirit caused most of these traits and heightened them throughout her life to the point that she became this person, this killer, that she is now.

Bad things happened to her in her life, which we were made to believe was just a bad, unfair life, but those bad things were actually caused by Amy and her twisted emotions/mind.

After feeling trapped and caged for her entire life, she finally found a home at Stillwater, but for all the wrong reasons.

Dead of Summer‘s season finale airs Tuesday, August 30th at 9/8c on Freeform.

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