Marvel’s Daredevil: Bang (Season 2 Episode 1)

The mobs take a hit. Matt seems to thrive in his double life. Foggy dips into old school friends to find a lead. Karen outruns a killer in the hospital. The bad guy gets Matt.

On Marvel’s Daredevil Season 2 Episode 1, “Bang,” Nelson & Murdock is back in full swing, but that means that the savior complex might be too comfortable of a mantle for Matt, and one that he might not be able to upkeep. As the mobsters of Hell’s Kitchen take a beating, it becomes clear that the new villain wreaking havoc on Hell’s Kitchen might be a little more dangerous than anyone could have anticipated. Even Wilson Fisk might not hold a candle to the chaos that this new villain promises. The team of Nelson & Murdock, in all their capacities, is on it. It seems Daredevil may have met his match.

Daredevil Is Back

The noise and chatter of the city gives way to the chaos of it, perfectly jumping back into Matt’s world and, perhaps most importantly, reminding Hell’s Kitchen why he’s needed. Following culprits lead Matt into his old familiar stomping grounds, acting as both the devil of the church and the devil of Hell’s Kitchen. There’s no one with a more understandable self-righteous hatred against injustice than Matt Murdock. Welcome back to Daredevil!

Nelson & Murdock Save the World

Nelson & Murdock is back together in full swing, and their repartee has returned with the same graceful ease as the audience left it, other than they now struggle to discuss Matt’s alter ego. The idea of Matt saving someone also means putting himself at too much risk, which means Foggy can’t ensure that Matt will ultimately be able to be saved. The concept of “saving” someone has an added layer in the series because of Matt’s heavy faith and the idea that not everyone, including Matt himself, has the capacity to be saved, despite his incessant belief they can be. There is no guarantee of saving, or having a savior. Matt’s omniscience in the city can only extend so far and the god-like complex he’s created for himself will inevitably mean pinning that hope onto someone who cannot or won’t be saved, causing him to overextend or jeopardize himself.

In the same vein of hopefulness, seemingly still trying to keep herself together after her best kept secret of murdering Wesley tearing her apart last season, Karen is the bearer of bad news in telling Nelson & Murdock that their commendable work isn’t paying the bills; unfortunately, their decency won’t keep the lights on. Nevertheless, the triple threat of Nelson & Murdock are full-steam ahead, as their work is finally what they set out to do and they finally have the clients, albeit maybe not the funds, to do it.

The Irish Mob Takes a Hit

An Irish mob meeting is meant to be one of revitalization, a waking up after Fisk’s takeover in order to regain what was once theirs. Despite Matt doing what is right in bringing down Fisk, it has opened a chasm and other criminals are attempting to own it. Instead, the meeting ends in bullet-riddled chaos, coming from an unseen outside force, leaving but one of them alive. As a faint Irish jig plays as a ringtone on the pan out of the disastrous scene, the image is clear: the new villain of Hell’s Kitchen has arrived.

A Lil’ Romance

At their usual stomping grounds, Karen and Matt lay the obvious framework of a budding relationship, as Matt purposefully pretends to not be good at pool to get her to teach him, proving Karen was right to assume that she was the one being hustled. The lone survivor of the mob hit, Grotto, is pursuing Nelson & Murdock for a second chance. With criminals running scared, it seems the clientele of Nelson & Murdock has broadened its horizons.

The scene Grotto described is indeed a massacre, verified by the cops overseeing it, including Brett, who continues to be the Nelson & Murdock man on the inside. The villain seems to be taking out gangs of any kind, bringing the conversation back to Foggy of Matt being in far too much danger and in over his head. The only person who seems to not be in over her head is Karen, whose protection of Grotto sounds like it’s going to be his saving grace and Nelson & Murdock’s.

Foggy Knows Who He Is

As Matt pursues an avenue of finding out who the high-powered weapons-wielding villain is, Foggy tries to find an in with a biker gang, going back to an elementary school friend in order to have his own in. In a direct comparison to Trish from Jessica Jones, Foggy understands how he can assist his powered friend and what his best assets are; he’s under no delusions or visions of grandeur. He simply knows what he can do and how he can best do it in order to help Matt. As Foggy gets new information through his own in with his childhood friend in the biker gang, who ends up being one of the new villain’s victims, Matt learns that the new villain isn’t a “them” but a “he”; he’s just one man, acting as a whole army.

The “He”

Karen and Grotto are the first people to meet the “he”, who tracks them through the hospital and then sets them in his sights as they drive off. The paramilitary genre seems right, and just as he attempts to prove his sharpshooter capabilities, it’s Matt who derails him. Killing Matt doesn’t seem to be his primary concern, and despite not sharing Matt’s abhorrence for killing, it seems that his brand of killing is person-specific. Even in the hospital, chasing Karen and Grotto, his intent is purposeful and never drifts from Grotto, despite there being plenty of other people. Claiming his first line of the season and last line of the episode, the villain declares “Bang” and Matt goes down.

This new villain definitely isn’t Fisk, delegating his dirty work, which makes him all the horrifying, and paints him as the exact antithesis to Matt, both of them a one-person show. In the earlier part of the episode, it became clear that Matt can’t possibly do it all to protect Hell’s Kitchen and that might even extend to stopping this new villain, who seems to be able to do it all, even leaving people convinced he couldn’t be just one man doing it. No time like the present to test if the armor holds up. Bang indeed.


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What did you think of Marvel’s Daredevil Season 2 Episode 1? Will this new villain be the counteraction to Matt? In taking out mobsters, shouldn’t he just be a duo with Matt? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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